2012 Munich Electronics Fair Newsletter: Osram exhibits its full line of semiconductor lighting solutions

Online newsletter [translation / Joyce] Only where light is needed, you can find the corresponding semiconductor light source here at OSRAM Semiconductor, including automotive lighting and entertainment industries. At this year's Munich Electronica (electronica2012), OSRAM will highlight its role as a semiconductor lighting solution provider. At this leading component, system and application exhibition, people will see Displix LED for the first time, this is an LED device specially designed for outdoor display screens. Osram will also exhibit its LX LED for daytime running lighting for small cars. And the smallest Oslon Compact in the field of automotive lighting.

Full range of automotive applications

The German semiconductor manufacturer Osram will highlight its expertise in automotive lighting at this exhibition. Osram Opto Semiconductors will exhibit a new generation of LED light sources, including interior and exterior applications, and infrared light-emitting diodes. These components can be used in night vision equipment to increase road safety, and naturally increase the brightness of the car, making driving more comfortable. People can directly see all semiconductor light sources for cars at the exhibition. The headlight lighting system can use different LED types to achieve various functions, such as high beam lights, low beam lights, daytime running lights, fog lights and night vision lights.

Osram's full range of products will be on display. Ostar Headlamp Pro enables customers to understand how to use LED to achieve high beam, while the new Oslon Compact will achieve low beam. The compact structure combined with the advantages of high light output will open the door for LEDs to be used in automotive headlight lighting. The yellow Oslon Black Flat is installed in the flash; it provides excellent visibility in foggy environments. The Oslon LX 120 can provide good daytime driving lighting. The main focus here is on key functions such as brightness and quality, so that even if it is used in a small car, the price of LED lighting is acceptable.

Another highlight is inside the car, where the air conditioner can be controlled by a gesture recognition system. The SFH 7770 E6 ambient light and proximity sensor are used, as well as the two infrared Midleds at the back. When someone approaches the sensor, the internal lighting reacts in a similar manner, and the light will become brighter or darker depending on the direction of movement. In addition, a variety of color changes can be achieved on the dashboard where MulTIled is installed.

The ultimate choice for light shows

Osram's latest Displix black and Displix blackprint multi-chip LEDs will also debut. These two new products can withstand temperature changes and high humidity environments, and can obtain clear and high-contrast images even in bright environments. The high power and light efficiency in high-end projectors are impressive in some performances. The projectors used here come from a variety of performance occasions, and all incorporate excellent LEDs. Osram ’s Ostar ProjecTIon Cube is a good example. The new Ostar Stage can be used to move the spotlight to produce intense colors and make the show even more exciting.

The 2012 Munich Electronica (electronica 2012) will be held in Munich from November 13th to 16th. The OSRAM Opto Semiconductors booth is located at Hall 107, Hall A3.

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power Cable

1. Introduction and Application

This product is suitable for as connection cable of fixed laying down power transmission line or movable electric equipment with 0.6/1kv of AC rated voltage or below.Like Rubber Cable,frame retardant cable,Mica Tape Insulated Cable. It features heat radiation resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosive gases resistant, waterproof and so on, flexible cable structure , constant electric performance at the environment of high temperature(high and cold),outstanding anti-ageing performance, long life.. It is wide used for many industries such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, electronic and automobile manufacturing, etc.

2. Product standard: Enterprise standard

The test of fire retardant and fireproof characteristic should be carried out in accordance with GB/T18380.3-2001, GB/T19216.21-2003.

3. Operating characteristics

a. The rated voltage: U0/U 0.6/1kv

Max. operating temperature: 180℃

Min. ambient temperature:-60℃

b. Laying temperature of cable not less than -25℃

c. Permissible bending radius of cable: Min. 10 times of diameter

4. Type and Designation



YGC: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed power cable

YGCR: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed movable flexible power cable

YGCP: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed copper wire screened power cable

YGC22: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed steel tape armored power cable

YGG: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed installation line

YGGR: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed movable installation line

YGGP: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed copper wire braided screened installation line

Remarks: if in front of type of fire retardant silicon rubber cable adds ZR, if in front of type of flame retardant silicon rubber cable adds ZR, copper wire in conductor line core may be tin electroplating.

5. Main performance

â‘  DC resistance of finished cable conformity with GB/T3956.

② Insulation resistance is not less than 100MΩ·km at 20℃..

â‘¢ Cable withstands the test of AC 50Hz 3.5kV for 5 min, without breakdown.

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