Billion box to gain root privileges

My box is 100 million. The H2A and H3A CPUs have the same firmware. Can refer to the following steps Brush.

1. Baidu a root mobile phone root, access to root privileges (need mouse operation)

2. Install Android terminal emulator.apk

3. Copy flash_image, misc.img, recovery.img to the SD card's FlashToAndroid directory

(Copy to the root directory or other directory is also possible, and the corresponding path entered in the terminal emulator must also be modified accordingly.)
4. Determine the path of the SD card on the box (if you know the SD path, this step can be done)

Install RootExplorer, and check to make sure the path to my SD on the box is: /mnt/external_sd (note that case sensitive)
5. Open terminal emulator (requires keyboard operation)

a. Get root permission in the terminal emulator. Input: su
(Allows access to root privileges)
b. Copy the flash_image file to the /data directory and type: cp/mnt/external_sd/FlashToAndroid/flash_image/data
c. Give /data/flash_image the highest privilege, including the execution privilege input: chmod 777/data/flash_image
d. Use the flash_image program to enter misc.img into misc and enter: /data/flash_imagemisc /mnt/external_sd/FlashToAndroid/misc.img
e. Swipe in recovery.img to recovery with flash_image program to restore Android's Recovery
Enter: /data/flash_imagerecovery /mnt/external_sd/FlashToAndroid/recovery.img
f. Restart to Recovery View Input: reboot recovery
Restart to Recovery to see if the familiar REC robot interface is coming out.

6. Shuangqing (this step can not be done, but it is best to do it.)
Select Wipedata/factory reset and Wipe cache partition to double clear.

7. Name the img firmware version 1.0.8 as update.img, copy it to the root directory of the SD card, insert the SD card slot in the box, restart the box, and the box will automatically revert to version 1.0.8.

After the box starts, the upgrade package is detected online

8. Copy the zip firmware upgrade package to the SD card root directory and name it Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the box. After waiting for a moment, it will prompt you to upgrade and need the flashing network box.

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