Broad market will have new development

As an indispensable equipment for economic production, frequency converters are widely used in various fields of production and life, especially in the electric power industry, and they are inseparable from inverters. Let us take a look at the market situation of the power industry related to the inverter in the first half of this year, and use this to analyze the development trend of the inverter industry.

Since 2011, the total power generation in the country compared with the same period of last year, the growth rate in the first three quarters was maintained at approximately 8%-16%. Judging from the industry’s monthly operating status of the power industry announced in the industry, the nation’s electricity demand has not decreased. Strong still, all kinds of electricity consumption continued to grow rapidly. Especially in July, the monthly electricity consumption exceeded 400 billion kilowatt-hours for the first time, and the growth in industrial electricity consumption was the most stable compared to other electricity consumption.

In the first three quarters of the country's infrastructure construction, the installed capacity of new power generation increased by 890,000 kilowatts over the same period of last year. The new installed capacity of power generation in the country was reduced by 8.53 million kilowatts over the same period of last year. The increase in various types of generators has brought about an objective amount of demand for the development of frequency converters, and the market has great potential.

We know that today's energy and power control systems include a wide range of subject areas, not only for efficiency, but also for energy conservation, not only for high quality but also for high development. In general, based on the development needs of modern related industries, the current development trend of the inverter industry is: high-frequency power, digital and intelligent control, and energy-saving use cycle. Therefore, as an important power conversion component of the system, the inverter is not only facing a vast market, but also the growing market demand, and the market is not only the quantity but also the high quality of the product.

Through the first three quarters of 2011, the macroeconomic development environment, industry market information, and related enterprise development can be understood that the development of the frequency converter market in the first three quarters of this year is in a steady rising state, although it has been seen during this period. The tightening of orders, but the impact on the overall development of the industry is not great.

With the rapid economic growth, the rapid development of the power industry will bring higher and higher requirements to the inverter. In the face of these, the new development of the inverter industry is also becoming increasingly important. What is the future of the industry and how the products will be tomorrow? This will be the most important issue put forward by the inverter industry at the present stage, and it is also the top priority of development.

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