Can the efficacy of OLED lighting exceed the LED?

Tian Yuansheng, an organic EL lighting manufacturer, delivered a speech at the " OLED s World Summit 2012" at the International Symposium on Organic EL Technology. "In theory, the luminous efficiency of organic EL is the same as that of LED. The efficiency of organic LED lighting can be greatly exceeded. LED". He said that organic EL elements can theoretically achieve luminous efficiencies as high as 249 lm/W.
According to the introduction, the theoretical limit value of the luminous efficiency of the white light-emitting organic EL element is "249 lm/W when the color temperature is 4000 K and a single-layer light-emitting structure, and 184 lm/W when the series structure is used." The theoretical limit value is a luminous efficiency assuming that the light extraction efficiency and the internal and external quantum efficiencies are all 100%. The theoretical limit value of the luminous efficiency of white LED is about 260 lm/W. When the organic EL adopts a single-layer light-emitting structure, the luminous efficiency can also be close to this value. Organic EL, also known as organic light-emitting diode (OLED), is fundamentally different from LED in terms of light-emitting principle. From this point of view, it is not surprising that the theoretical values ​​of the luminous efficiencies of the two are close.
In the organic EL element actually produced before, there have been cases where the internal quantum efficiency is close to 100%, but the light extraction efficiency is at most about 60%, and the theoretical road has not yet been paved to 100%.
Moreover, Tian Yuansheng said when comparing organic EL and LED lighting fixtures, "Even with the current organic EL technology, the luminous efficiency of lighting fixtures can compete with LED lighting." Tian Yuansheng quoted DOE MultiyearPlan, a report on LED technology released by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in March 2010, stating that "(before 2009) LED lighting has a luminous efficiency of only 32.3% of LED light source (package)." When the lighting fixture exposes the LED light source, it may cause damage to the eyes, and a diffusion plate or the like used to prevent this may cause a decrease in luminous efficiency. Organic EL illumination often uses the light-emitting panel directly as a lighting fixture, which rarely causes a significant reduction in luminous efficiency.

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