China's third-generation nuclear power technology has made major breakthroughs

China's third-generation nuclear power technology has taken an important step. On July 15th, National Nuclear Power Technology Company's AP series shear nail localization research and technological achievements passed the appraisal in Zhejiang Haiyan, filling the domestic technical gap of the project. According to the official news of Haiyan, the county's New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd., as one of the product development parties, has also successfully participated in the research of localization of shear nails.

The AP1000 nuclear power plant is the world's most advanced nuclear power unit (third-generation nuclear power plant), with a short construction period, long operating life, and high safety performance. In AP1000's technology, shear nails are indispensable materials for the construction of third-generation nuclear power plants. They are mainly used in the construction of nuclear generation civil engineering modules for third-generation nuclear power plants and can speed up the construction process. "At present, only one U.S. company in the world has the ability to produce shear nails. Third-generation nuclear power generation in Sanmen and Yantai all use shear nails made in the United States. There are problems such as high costs and inaccessible technologies." This newspaper said.

It is understood that Haiyan launched the China Nuclear Power City project in early July. At the same time, according to the planning of sea salt, the company will work closely with nuclear power research institutes to cooperate closely with industry, universities and research institutes to advance into nuclear fastener products.

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