Developing OLED lighting, China has obvious advantages

At present, developed countries in Europe and the United States are competing to develop OLED lighting. In the past two years of major architectural and lighting exhibitions, we can see a variety of OLED lighting displays. In essence, the starting point for the development of OLED lighting and LED lighting in all countries is the same.
First of all, OLED lighting is extremely energy efficient. Secondly, the light quality of OLED is comfortable, the light is visible light, there is no infrared light, ultraviolet light, and the blue light component is also rare, which is more effective for eye protection. Finally, the OLED is thinner and lighter, and the entire device contains more than a dozen layers of organic film, which add up to less than 1% of the thickness of the hair.
In principle, OLEDs and LEDs are quite similar. But in terms of energy efficiency, OLED is essentially different from other light sources. Traditional lamps are basically line sources made of point light sources. Although the light source is very bright, it is generally installed in the lamp cover in practical applications, which will lose a lot of energy efficiency. The OLED itself is a surface light source, and naturally no lampshade is needed. At present, the energy efficiency of OLED light sources is not as good as that of LEDs, but in terms of lamps, the potential of OLEDs is the largest. Therefore, we cannot define OLED as a light bulb or light source, but rather as a new type of luminaire.
For OLED lighting, China's development opportunities are the largest in the world. On the one hand, domestic OLED technology is not only behind, but is ahead of international competitors. On the other hand, there is a huge potential market in the country. At present, due to the market situation, most of the LED lighting products are still in the form of traditional lighting substitutes, take the traditional light bulbs down and replace the LED bulbs . But OLED can't, it must be a new fixture, so the best market is the new building. In the next 10 years, China's new construction area is about 20 billion square meters. As a new choice for new building luminaires, with the deepening of the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, it is believed that OLED lighting can survive in the enlightenment stage.

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