Energy-saving lamp knowledge question and answer

● Why are the prices of energy-saving lamps of different brands far apart?

Because the price of energy-saving lamps varies according to their own technical content and even component costs. Taking Philips' energy-saving lamps as an example, it uses a true tri-color rare earth phosphor, which is consistent with some common fluorescent/tri-primary phosphors used by other brands. Brightness, the product is practically cost-effective. Therefore, when purchasing energy-saving lamps, comprehensive consideration should be given to various factors such as initial purchase cost, use cost, replacement cost and use effect.

●Why is the energy-saving lamp very bright when it is bought, but the darker it is?

After a period of use, a normal energy-saving lamp product will be darker as the phosphor is lost, which is technically called light decay. Light decay is one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of energy-saving lamps. High-quality energy-saving lamps can ensure the minimum light decay during use. For example, Philips' long-light technology, which was invented in long-life energy-saving lamps, allows the lamp to maintain its best working condition for a long time. After 2000 hours, the light decay is less than 10%.

● Will the efficacy of energy-saving lamps be affected by temperature?

Usually 25 degrees Celsius is the best working temperature for energy saving lamps. In the actual application process, the influence of the ambient temperature and the energy generated by the energy-saving lamp will make the optimal working temperature unachievable, thus affecting the brightness of the energy-saving lamp. In response to this problem, Philips' latest constant-light design allows energy-saving lamps to reach a normal ignition point even in the large temperature span of -20-55 degrees Celsius.

● Are energy-saving lamps all white and cold?

No, energy-saving lamps are also divided into cool and warm colors. The high-quality energy-saving lamps' warm light design and superb color-developing technology make the light color the same as ordinary incandescent lamps, while the light color is pleasing and comfortable, which makes people really have a warm atmosphere.

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