Extreme rice no screen TV exchange, in June will push laser screenless TV

In recent days, the official website of the Polar Rice Group announced that it will officially launch a trade-in program at 10:00 am on May 9. Prior to this, Mimi had launched a redemption event in 2015, which was highly welcomed and actively participated by all the friends. This year, soon after the launch of the new products, the trade-in activities will be launched, which shows the sincerity of the old users.

The newest flagship product from Kizemi will be included in the redemption event. Old meters users can use the long-awaited classic product to redeem the latest explosion-proof screenless TV. At present, the polar rice official has not yet announced the redemption price policy and specific products, and the interested geeks can pay attention to the information of the official website of the Kami official website.

Today, it is normal for mobile phone brands to trade in new products. However, in the field of smart projection, the old users have only one meter. In 2015, the number of meters in excess of LG ranked first in the global market for home smart micro investment; in the domestic market, it also continued to lead with 51.4% of the market. To achieve this kind of success, we can not do without the support of the vast majority of our friends. As a leader in the industry, Rumi not only pioneered the launch of the world's first LED light source with full support for 3D functions. Full HD 1080p without screen TV H1 continues to lead the industry with innovative products, and more importantly, Rico has always put users first. The trade-in for the new line on the line fully reflects the care of users and the determination to promote the popularity of non-screen TVs.

According to sources, in June of this year, Polar Mi will also launch its first laser-free screen TV, which may become a heavy product that has caused industry shake after H1.

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