First Quarter Chinese Digital Camera Market Report

First Quarter Chinese Digital Camera Market Report In the first quarter of 2013, digital cameras released new products from various manufacturers. The concept of small-size, high-quality images was more prominent, and products targeting different target groups were increasingly diversified. For example, the Sony NEX-3N released by Sony in February 2013 has given people a refreshing impression. Although the body performance of this product is not greatly exceeded, it has a nice-looking appearance and a wealth of features. To target the positioning of female consumer groups, let us see a trend of development.

Report points

• Brand focus: Sony's focus on the top spot with a 51.4% share of attention, with significant attention; the brand's focus has not changed from the previous quarter.

• Product Focus: Sony NEX-5R’s share of interest is significantly higher than other product models; out of the ten most popular user-focused products, there are six product offerings that declined from the end of the quarter compared to the beginning of the quarter.

• Characteristics of product parameters: The number of products with a price of RMB 3,000 or less is not much different from the share of attention, and both are more than 20%; the number of effective products with 14 to 20 million pixels accounts for nearly half, and the share of attention is as high as 53.1%.

• Analysis of mainstream manufacturers: In January-March, Sony kept its focus on the top spot in China's single-power/micro-single digital market with a higher share of attention, but the share of concern showed a declining trend; the average price of Sony's commercial products was significantly higher than that of Nikon. Samsung has a relatively large change.

First, the brand attention pattern

• Sony maintained its focus on more than half of its share. In the first quarter of 2013, China’s single-power/micro-single-lens digital camera market, Sony, maintained its top spot with a 51.4% share of attention and showed significant advantages. Nikon and Samsung ranked second and third respectively, with a share of over 10%.

• Samsung pays most attention to share increase Compared to the fourth quarter of 2012, the top seven brands in China's single-powered/micro-single digital camera market in the first quarter of 2013 did not change. The number one spot of Sony's attention has fallen the most, dropping by 2.2 percentage points. Samsung is concerned about the highest share increase, up 2.5 percentage points.

• There were six quotations in the short-listed products. Among the ten single-power/micro-single products that attracted the most attention from users in the quarter, the end of the six-item offer price declined from the beginning of the quarter. The top-ranking Sony NEX-5R had the highest price reduction rate, which dropped by 14.5 percentage points from 3860 yuan at the beginning of the quarter to 3,300 yuan. Sony NEX-6 cut the price of the highest, the end of the quarter quoted at 4,800 yuan, down 700 yuan from the beginning of the quarter.

Sony NEX-5N was released in August 2011 and is a micro-single series equipped with Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, 16.1 million effective pixels. At the end of 2012, the Sony Japan official website released news that the Sony NEX-5N digital micro-camera was officially discontinued, but it still received a higher share of attention in the quarter, ranking fifth.

• Sony's short-listed products accounted for seven of the seven most-watched products in the quarter. The products belong to four brands. Sony has the largest number of products on the list, including seven; the remaining three products are Samsung, Nikon and Canon.

(b) Product prices

1, the price segment • 3000-4000 yuan products are the most attention in different price segments single power / micro single digital camera products, the number of 3,000 yuan and the number of products and the share of attention is not much difference, both in more than two. The highest share of attention for products ranging from 3001-4000 yuan was 33.6%, which was significantly higher than the proportion of their products. The number of high-priced products with a price over 10,000 yuan accounted for over 10% of the total, with the lowest share of attention being 5.3%.

2. Average price of the market • Larger change in the average price of the market The average price of the single-power/micro-digital camera market is between the consumer-level and the SLR products, and the overall attention share has increased. In January 2013, the average price of a single/micro digital camera market in China was 4,914 yuan. In February, due to factors such as Spring Festival sales promotion, the decline rate was relatively large, which was 311 yuan less than that in January. The average market price in March was 4,776 yuan, which was 173 yuan more than that in February.

(III) Effective Pixels • The most favored products for 14 million to 20 million effective pixels The consumer's preference for single-power/micro-digital cameras is mostly because their image quality is superior to that of consumer-grade products, and they have advantages over SLR in terms of volume and quotation. The effective pixels of a single/micro single product are not as high as the SLR, but it is enough to guarantee a satisfactory picture. In the first quarter, the number of 14 million to 20 million effective pixels products accounted for nearly half, and the share of attention was as high as 53.1%.

Third, the analysis of mainstream manufacturers

(I) Concerned about trends • Sony's focus on share declines In the first quarter of 2013, Sony maintained the top spot in China's single-power/micro-single-digits market with a higher share of attention, but its share of concerns showed a downward trend. The share of attention in March was 47.3%, a decrease of 8.0% from January.

Nikon maintains a share of more than 10%, and Samsung's attention to share fluctuates around 10%. The two brands are concerned about the small share gap and are highly competitive with each other.

(II) The trend of average price • The average price of Nikon market is lower In the single-digit/micro market of the quarter, the average price of Sony’s commercial products was significantly higher than that of Nikon and Samsung. The change was relatively large, in March. It was 5,772 yuan, up 390 yuan over February.

The Samsung market average price is slightly higher than Nikon, and the average price gap has an expanding trend. The difference between the average price has increased from 195 yuan in January to 388 yuan in March.

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