Get rid of the Kindle! ? Grasp the iReader Plus experience

When it comes to e-book readers, the first reaction of many friends is definitely the Amazon Kindle!

Now we have been deeply cultivating the domestic brands in the field of reading ~ Palmer ~ has also launched its own second-generation epaper reader iReader Plus palm reading technology With these years of deep cultivation in the reading field ~ has achieved considerable achievements in the content ~ After a generation of exploration and development on the hardware, the strong launch of the second-generation iReader Plus e-paper reader is a matter of course.

iReader Plus body is skin-friendly matte material ~ the back was slightly curved ~ feel comfortable cut anti-skid ~ Although the screen has reached 6.8 inches large ~ but still able to achieve one-handed grip ~ front bottom made a thicker handle, handy when handy Thumb palm has a place to rely on support, and left and right frame can be held in place, the body size and grip design is very satisfactory ~

iReader Plus only up and down two red buttons plus a MicroUSB charging port is simple and convenient ~ other settings through the screen option ~

iReader Plus uses aluminum-magnesium alloy frame forming process ~ is the thinnest 6.8-inch electric paper book ~ and the screen uses the E-ink third-generation Carta ink screen ~ leading professional electronic paper book screen technology ~ perfect restore The best display effect of the ink screen ~ resolution up to 1440X1080~180 degrees view angle ~ display is very clear ~

Many friends know that ~electronic ink technology is a display technology that does not emit light - relying on the flipping of electronic capsules to produce transparent and opaque effects - that is, the display effect of black and white ~ exactly the same as a paper book - no light and no Producing blue light means that the e-ink screen itself will not cause damage to the eyes. According to a survey report on June 8, 2015, the total number of people with different degrees of distance vision defects (myopia) in China is 345 million to 3.51. Billion, the prevalence of distance vision defects is as high as 27.8%-28.27%. Among them, more than 98% of distance vision defects belong to light-to-moderate vision defects. The total number of patients suffering from myopia in China is between 4.37 and 4.87 billion. Especially in the Internet today, mobile phones, tablets, and other digital products have become important for fragmentation reading. Channels and the blue light produced by the above-mentioned product display screen have also become a major cause of aggravated visual impairment in young people. iReader Plus also added a soft backlight system to meet the dark conditions and nighttime reading needs. Built-in reading light of 20 levels Uniform, soft, non-glare - even if reading for a long time does not cause great pressure and discomfort to the eyes ~

iReader Plus uses the Freescale MX6SL chipset, which is the best reader chip available today. After optimizing its performance, the page turning speed is significantly improved, and the top-level operating memory in the industry brings several times smoother experience. ~8GB high-capacity storage, can store up to tens of thousands of books offline~

Dual-band WIFI: Supports 2.4Ghz/5Ghz dual-band WiFi, can get wider channels, faster network, stronger anti-interference ability and better compatibility. The current electronic book reader supporting 5Ghz WIFI is probably only iReader Plus with a maximum rate of 867Mbps at 5Ghz, and the highest rate at 2.4GHz is only 300Mbps~Bluetooth 4.0: External Bluetooth devices (audio, Bluetooth headset, etc.) can be connected to liberate the eyes. Listening to books can also be kept away from the cordage of headphones, free and easy ~ and most readers do not currently listen to the book function ~ no Bluetooth ~ ~ Kindle ~ ~ 1600mAh built-in polymer battery, new power management system at the same time benefit from The effect of the narrow border makes the iRerader Plus body not so bulky and unreliable. The 6.8-inch ultra-clear display screen has a 30% larger visual area than the 6-inch screen. It is closer to the size of a real paper book. A wider viewing field leads to a more relaxing reading experience. At the same time, the larger the visual area, the larger the text size. The correspondingly larger, more comfortable reading, the most critical thing is that the aircraft is still very light, only 208g.

iReader Plus currently supports formats such as EBK, TXT, EPUB, UMD, PDF, and MOBI. In particular, the PDF version does a new rearrangement reading and supports horizontal screens, as well as a clear view of comics. Support horizontal screen preview, non-scan version can also achieve text capture, full import speed, no residual image ~ even if more than 100 trillion PDF file can still be loaded quickly open ~

Palm reading iReader Plus based on the Android system, using a USB cable to access the PC will appear after a drive letter, we can directly copy the local TXT, PDF and other format e-books into the reader and then you can read ~ convenient and simple Meet the public's reading habits (of course ~ please do not download pirated books, support genuine!)

The screen uses a capacitive touch method. In the reading, touch the left screen to achieve the previous page operation, touch the right side to enter the next page, and touch the upper position of the screen to open the system menu, you can achieve a Key to listen to books, a key bookmark, a key search and other functions. At the same time, there will be a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, you can directly drag the progress bar to quickly locate, and read directly by chapter, as well as font, brightness, typesetting and other options, the operation is more intuitive and convenient. On book resources, we have 500,000 copies of high-quality digital copyrights that currently hold books, magazines, and comics. In particular, the comics section that went online in 2015 has already been signed with many countries. As of now, the bookstore channel has reached 3 million daily visits.

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