Google Glass will use Samsung's soft OLED screen

In order to go to Apple, Samsung decided to cooperate with Google to supply Google Glass's OLED screen. Kim Ki-nam, president of Samsung Display Department, said that soft OLED can be bent at will, suitable for the wearable device market. At the same time, he also revealed that Samsung has An agreement with Google will work together to produce Google Glass.

In the past few months, the relationship between Samsung and some of the technology giants that rely on its component supply has been intriguing. In order to reduce its reliance on Samsung, Apple has decided to leave Samsung; and although Google has begun to be wary of Samsung's growing influence in the Android ecosystem, the two companies still maintain a close cooperative relationship.

The industry believes that for some experimental projects, Samsung is not enough to pose a threat to Google. As a result, Google decided to let Samsung join Google Glass's supply chain and adopt its OLED display technology.

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