Grille spotlight: one light to solve basic lighting and accent lighting

In the spotlight family, probably many people know the spotlights, rail spotlights, and embedded spotlights, but the grille spotlights have some mystery for the average person. Let’s talk to you today. What kind of lamp is it.

What does the grille spotlight look like?

Grille spotlights are also called daring lights, bean blaze lights, as the name suggests, because the light source used in the lamp liner is similar to the "bucket" shape (the old grain food appliance). Mostly used for the basic lighting or accent lighting of the exhibition place. A variety of configurable light sources, including tungsten halogens, fluorescents, metal halides and LED light sources. There are single-head grille spotlights, double-headed grille spotlights, three-headed grille spotlights, and multiple lights can be combined to be installed on poles of 20m or more to form high-pole lighting devices.

The grille spotlight can adjust the illumination angle in function, pay attention to multi-angle and high precision, and the lamp head can be rotated in stereo direction, the illumination range is flexible and varied, the use is flexible, the illumination is high, and the color rendering is high. Advantages, the light source has the characteristics of secondary reflection, can form a soft diffused light, avoids the generation of glare, and is the first choice for commercial environment lighting.

How to install grille spotlights

The grille spotlights are embedded in an installation similar to the embedded spotlights.

1. Open a mounting hole for the lamp body on the ceiling;

2. Place the mounting frame into the ceiling mounting hole, align the hole and fix it;

3. Put the lamp connected to the power cord into the ceiling of the cut hole;

4. Tighten the mounting screws on the luminaire with a screwdriver until the support is in contact with the ceiling;

5. Adjust the illumination angle of the luminaire to achieve the best illumination effect.

Grille spotlight application

Grille spotlights are widely used in commercial spaces such as clothing, home stores, boutiques, leisure places, and business centers.

Large-area use of grille spotlights, taking into account the basic lighting and focus. The illuminance distribution of the entire space light environment is patchy, the transition between light and dark is harmonious, which can not only bring out the clean atmosphere of the whole space, but also show the details of the object just right, and the square frame of the grille can be integrated with the ceiling, visual It also looks simple and refreshing.

When using a variety of luminaires to achieve accent lighting and basic lighting, the ceiling is prone to a messy feeling. The use of multi-head grille spotlights can eliminate the clutter of the ceiling, and can be configured with different light sources to achieve the desired effect according to the actual lighting requirements. One lamp solves the basic lighting and the accent lighting.

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