Hainan Province plans to eliminate 6 types of products such as incandescent lamps and promote LED lighting products

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Hainan Province officially launched the construction of green lighting demonstration province. According to the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Green Lighting Demonstration Province in Hainan Province”, it is planned to eliminate 6 types of lighting electrical products such as incandescent lamps for general lighting and promote the use of LEDs. Class 3 lighting electrical products.

The eliminated lighting products are ordinary lighting incandescent lamps (GLS); low-efficiency halogen lamps; halogen powder fluorescent lamps; high-pressure mercury lamps; powerful searchlights, high-power floodlights, large-area neon lights, color bubbles, magnesium-sodium lamps Fluorescent lamps, general-purpose magnetic ballasts, etc.

The three types of products promoted are: fluorescent lamps (FL) consisting of straight fluorescent lamps, circular fluorescent lamps, and compact fluorescent lamps; high-pressure gas including high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. Discharge lamp (HID); semiconductor lighting products (LED).

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