High-voltage transmission line inspection robots are widely used in life

As we all know, working on high voltage lines is a dangerous thing. The voltage of high-voltage transmission lines can reach 735kv or even higher. Once the line-wound workers make mistakes, it will affect the transmission and pay for life. In addition, line workers are unable to work in harsh weather conditions, such as blizzards. In response, the Hydro-Québec Research Center (Queu-Québec) has launched a line-of-sight robot to replace workers in the inspection of high-voltage transmission lines.

The 1998 snowstorm in North America caused the transmission lines to freeze and increase in weight, which eventually led to the catastrophe of the transmission system. There are no electricity supply in Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick for approximately 4 million people a week. Since then, the Quebec Hydropower Research Center has been working on patrol robots.

There are two main requirements for the line-of-sight robot: the quality is not too large, it can walk on the transmission line; it can work under severe weather conditions, and remove the ice and snow frozen on the transmission line. As early as 2000, Hydro-Québec launched a line-up robot called LineRover. It hangs on a power line like a sloth and is equipped with mechanical claws that can be de-iced. The company's next-generation line-of-sight robot, code-named LineScout, is slightly larger than the LineRover and is equipped with many cameras and thermal infrared imaging equipment. In addition to de-icing, it can also detect the line and discover hidden dangers, while marking the hidden danger location through the navigation system. More importantly, LineScout can also cross obstacles. LineScout has a working time of 5 to 6 hours per day and can detect lines of approximately 6km.

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