Innovative masterpiece of LCD splicing screen: electric front maintenance splicing display unit

Today, LCD splicing screens are used more and more widely in various industries, video surveillance, commercial venue video playback, conference room applications, etc., LCD splicing screens can be seen everywhere. At present, the standard LCD splicing screens on the market are installed and maintained from the back of the LCD screen. In addition to the thickness of the box and the bracket itself, especially at the back of the splicing screen, a channel of at least 50-60 cm should be reserved. It is convenient for engineers to enter and exit for installation and maintenance work, so the entire LCD splicing wall needs to occupy a large space. However, in many occasions, such as typical commercial establishments, most of them are inflated, and the space is inconvenient and troublesome for users. Even in the conference room and the monitoring room, this reserved post-maintenance space is inconvenient for the user to use, reducing the user's actual space usage efficiency. And there are some special occasions, such as special structures such as columns in the room or the lobby, there is no room for the rear maintenance LCD screen. Therefore, there is an urgent need in the market to "slim down" the LCD splicing wall and reduce the floor space of the splicing wall. Therefore, an innovative product has emerged: an electric front maintenance LCD splicing screen.

As the name suggests, the electric front maintenance LCD screen is driven by electronic circuit. Each LCD panel can be opened and pushed one by one in front of the splicing wall. The installation and after-sales service of the whole system can be carried out from the front of the splicing screen. The splicing wall can be directly against the wall. Placed, the rear part does not need to reserve the channel for installation and maintenance. This design can greatly save the user's space. Let us take the 46-inch LCD splicing screen as an example. After the maintenance of the LCD splicing wall, the thickness of the bracket is generally about 23 cm, and the reserved space at the back is at least 50 cm, so that the minimum thickness of the entire splicing wall is 73 cm. Compared with the splicing wall for electric pre-maintenance, we take the splicing wall of Shanghai Lingbo Company as an example. The splicing wall for electric front maintenance can be placed directly against the wall, then the entire thickness from the wall surface to the surface of the LCD screen is only 28 cm, electric The ratio of the pre-maintenance footprint to the normal splicing screen footprint is only 0.38. This undoubtedly saves the user a lot of space.

There are currently two product solutions for pre-maintenance on the market: manual pre-maintenance and electric pre-maintenance. Manual type is the first generation of pre-maintenance products, and some LCD splicing screen manufacturers can provide such products on the market. However, the first generation of manual front maintenance has an obvious disadvantage. In the installation and maintenance, it is necessary to directly push and press the surface of the liquid crystal screen, and the panel of the liquid crystal screen is relatively fragile. If the operation is improper, the liquid crystal panel is directly caused. Damage. In response to this situation, Shanghai Lingbo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an innovative product in the industry: electric front maintenance LCD splicing screen.

Shanghai Lingbo's electric front maintenance LCD splicing wall completely adopts the non-touch screen automatic opening function. The entire product design concept is clever, providing two ways to open the LCD screen of the video wall. The first is the swipe mode: that is, when a card is inserted on one side of the screen and lightly brushed down, the screen automatically pops up. This mode is suitable for engineers to perform installation and commissioning as well as maintenance work when the power is off. When the entire system is powered on, the maintenance operation will be easier, and the second mode that can be used is the system software operation mode. The user can directly operate on the software interface of the computer system operation, and direct the automatic pop-up of the screen at any position. In this way, during the entire operation process, the liquid crystal panel is not squeezed, the accident risk is reduced, and the subsequent maintenance and repair work is greatly facilitated.

The introduction of the second generation electric front maintenance LCD splicing system further improved the application of the splicing wall and provided higher value for users of the LCD splicing wall. Therefore, it is popular among users in many commercial markets and monitoring markets.

Shanghai Mingdu Plaza 5*5 46" electric front maintenance LCD video wall

A Power Cable is a electrical cable applied for transmission and distribution of electrical power. It is an assembly of single or multiple copper or aluminum conductors covered by PVC or XLPE insulation, and usually held together with an overall PVC sheath by cabling process. For high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection,it can also be armored by steel tape or wire. Our power cables can also be classified by current as for AC and DC system.


Our power cable type classified by voltage

  •      Low Voltage
  •      Medium Voltage
  •      High Voltage

Our power cable type classified by insulation

  •      PVC Insulated & Sheathed  
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  •      Metal Shielded  
  •      Low smoke halogen Free Flame Retardant/Fire Retardant
  •      Aluminum Stranded Conductor (AAC )

Main Advantage

  1.        Economic space occupation
  2.        For laying indoors, tunnels or pipe. Less wire insulation distance,no need to build an grounding tower.
  3.        High reliability
  4.        Less impacted by climate and surround environment,steady transmission performance.
  5.        Less distributed capacitance &maintenance effort & electrical-shock possibility

 low volatge electrical power cables

power cables with PVC insulation and sheath


1.Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed.

2. Flexible power cables are used for portable devices, mobile tools and machinery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about electrical power cables. OEM service is also available based on official authorization.

Power Cable

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