Interpretation of CLEAR's LED tube inspection: only 27.7% of the products have reached the Ra80

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Liu Pingping] It is related to the reduction of color, the US Energy Star requirements for LED lamps are basically to reach Ra80. The higher the index, the more realistic the color of the object being photographed, and the color of the object being photographed will be biased.

As LED lighting products gradually replace traditional lighting, it is pointed out that this parameter has also received more and more attention.

Recently, it was sponsored by Gaogong LED, and the results of the sixth round of market test of China LED Lighting CLEAR, jointly issued by G20-LED Summit and third-party testing institutions, were released. The LED lamps of this round were tested in 18 models. 15 manufacturers.

The LED tube test is tested according to the method required by the LM79-08 standard. The test items cover total luminous flux, light efficiency, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, total harmonic distortion, power factor, etc., and the test results are the latest DLC in the United States. (V2.1) requires a comparative analysis.

The test results found that among the 18 LED tubes tested, only 5 of the products showed the requirements of the latest DLC (V2.1) in the United States (≥80, ≥78 after considering the tolerance), and the coincidence rate was only 27.7%.

"The index is inversely proportional to the light effect, the indicator will become higher, and the light effect will be reduced." Many industry insiders told reporters that compared with the light effect, the current consumer index for LED lighting products is not yet Particularly sensitive. “So some companies may buy light beads that are low in light efficiency for cost savings.”

As we all know, the spectrum can achieve high performance and make high-performance products. After the three primary colors R, G, and B are mixed, the index is very high, so it will have a very realistic effect after being reflected by the human eye on the object. At present, there are only two kinds of spectra (blue and yellow) excited by the blue chip to excite the yellow phosphor, and the lack of red spectrum results in insufficient color rendering.

At present, the yellow phosphor has higher excitation efficiency than the red phosphor, and adding some red phosphor to the yellow phosphor can improve the index. However, it should be noted that the efficiency of the blue phosphor to excite the yellow phosphor after the addition of the red phosphor is relatively reduced, but the red spectrum is too long to cover other spectra, so the addition of red powder increases the index and reduces the luminous flux.

"With the advancement of technology, the products with high brightness and high brightness are not made, but the process requirements are relatively high, and the corresponding lamp bead price is definitely more expensive." Chairman of Shenzhen Huate Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Cao Caiming said that the needs of customers are different, and the indicators of the lamps produced are not the same.

An industry insider who asked not to be named told reporters that most of the foreign LED lamps can reach Ra80 at present, and the domestic market can only reach Ra70 because there is no standard.

Of the 18 products sampled, only 9 of them were marked with the index, which is 50%. It is worth mentioning that among the 9 products identified, 4 of the brand's measured data do not match the parameters of their logo.

Chen Zhaojun, chairman of Zhanjiang Chikan Guangpin Lighting Co., Ltd. said, "This may also be related to everyone's concept. Many manufacturers have switched from traditional lighting to LED industry, and traditional lighting fixtures do not show this concept."

"There is such a situation at present. Some manufacturers and even brand manufacturers will not identify them as a clear parameter. Everyone is playing the ball." Zhu Baoke, general manager of Shenzhen Cullet Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. said that The market potential of domestic LED bulbs and LED tubes is huge. "But the market is really messy, we don't want to smash this drowning."

>>>Report Download: Test Data Details

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