KKTV upgrade firmware method summary, how to upgrade Konka TV?

Ben Wan found that many KKTV base friends do not understand how to upgrade the firmware, leading to fake bricks and affect the user experience. What's more, it has been posted by manufacturers or Q group KKTV product quality. The basic friend KKTV is a series of products that Konka pays more attention to. It is not perfect, but their siege lions have been working hard. It's better to give them some encouragement than to hurt them! Here are some KKTV upgrade firmware methods! (taking 39K60U as an example)

Preparation, U disk one (better with work lights), download the firmware package needs to be extracted to the U disk root directory.

Detailed steps:
1, online upgrade, ignore the above preparations, click Settings - System - Software Upgrade - Online Upgrade - Waiting - Automatic Restart - Upgrade is complete.
2. USB upgrade, insert the U disk with the firmware package into the non-3.0 socket of the TV - Setup - System - Software Upgrade - USB Upgrade - Auto Restart - Waiting - Upgrade complete.
3, under the coal mining mode upgrade, the U disk into the TV with a firmware package into the non-3.0 jack - off (TV power switch, pull the plug and then plug in also) - boot - hold the TV standby Key - volume + key - wait about 10 seconds - start automatic upgrade.
4, solve the card first screen (KKTV screen unlimited restart) method, the same steps 3.
5, to solve the boot black screen (no KKTV and other tips, hand touch screen static, bright but black screen) method, first in the bar or Q group to find BOOT package, extract to the USB root directory, and then need to brush the firmware package Extract to the USB root directory. First brush BOOT method, shutdown (pull the plug also OK) - Power on - Hold down the standby button and volume - button on the side of the TV - until you see the screen is bright and then release - Wait (about a minute) Screen is dark and bright - Complete BOOT. Then shut down (pull plug also OK) - repeat 3 steps
6, mode backup, restore and brush machine. The TV needs ROOT permission. Install similar software on the TV with one-click restart. Click "Restart" software - Click to enter the recovery-recovery mode. There is Shuangqing, there is ADB Brush, there is backup and recovery, there is SD Brush. (Official firmware package does not seem to support, look forward to friends do zip format card brush package) There are restart functions, English can refer to Baidu for operation.

Must use U disk to brush machine (TF, SD card brush will be a problem), U disk format must be that å•¥ 32 format, firmware package must be compared to their own models to download and decompression (39 and 55 of the 70's firmware Packages are not common), after decompression of the firmware package must be placed on the U disk root directory, the file name must be in English (the default can), infinite restart or black screen fake brick state, be patient. As long as it is not flash burned, it will surely be able to brush back (personally experienced, Khan) under the black screen state brush is no prompts and screens, must follow the steps, step by step operation, until the brush BOOT and firmware package brushing. After the operation is completed, if the TV does not reflect the black screen, do not turn off the power and wait patiently. (The waiting time may be 2 minutes, maybe 15 minutes. I waited for 4 hours. Khan. Screen, you may have a day).

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