LeTV how to install third-party software to watch live?

Is it good to use LeTV as an advertisement? Everyone may be holding this question in understanding LeTV. LeTV's unique exterior design is very artistic. The TV adopts an integrated and extremely narrow seamless aluminum frame design. The corners are laser-cut by the machine to make the lines at one go. The ultra-thin fuselage below is an exquisite all-aluminum cloud base, which makes the TV as a whole with a sense of technology and luxury. LeTV itself started as a video site, so it naturally takes the initiative in terms of content. So LeTV's TV system is still very good, not only has a wealth of resources, but also can install a variety of third-party software.

In fact, we just bought LeTV and I was wondering if I could only connect to cable to watch. Actually it was not. As long as you have a home network, you can watch live TV, but you can also watch a huge amount of movies for free. In the following, I will teach you to install TV users who are more commonly used by the TV users (Taiwan).

The first step: You need to find the installation package of “Cloud Audio and Teller” on the computer. This installation package can be found on the download page of the official website of Taijie and finally placed on a USB flash drive.

Step 2: After inserting the USB flash drive, a prompt will be automatically displayed to tell you "Found new device, check it now?", click to view it, and then in the installation package column, you can find the "Cloud Audio and Video. Tai Jie" installation you downloaded. package.

The third step: Quietly waiting for the prompts to install, after about 1 minute can be installed, click Finish to launch the installation steps.

Step 4: Enter the LeTV App Store, then select the app and press the down button to the bottom page to operate the remote control. You can find the “Cloud Audio/Video” application icon and click to enter.

Then I will introduce you to some of the functions of Cloud Audio and Video. The rest of the features will depend on you. With a vast amount of genuine film source, it is more stable, clear and fluid than other software, and people who enjoy watching TV smoothly will experience a quality experience. More than 80 sets of carousel, you can watch movies, hit shows and other types of carousel, more than 8,000 genuine movies, more than 2,600 hot TV dramas, and TV updates in real time, watching TV dramas eliminate the trouble of time, any time Look. There are exclusive NBA\CBA live broadcasts, football live broadcasts, live concerts of various stars. 3,624 funny variety shows, exclusive Tate unique domestic and foreign ultra-clear high-quality cinema line and domestic ban HBO exclusive American drama.

In addition, there are children's channels, animation channels, documentaries, users meet a variety of needs, the interface is smooth and easy to operate, the plate classification is very clear, this is one of the reasons for the elderly and children like to use. Family albums and child locks are also unique features of the software. They share photos with family members. Children locks can also prevent children from watching television for a long time and they are protected. Let's go download and try it out.

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