Mango Moonlight X6 box why it is worth buying to explain the five major advantages

First, dual brand glory produced

TV set-top box has become an indispensable entertainment device in the home. When we are purchasing, we must first consider the strength and popularity of the manufacturer. The R&D strength determines the user experience. The Mango Moonlight X6 sells in the middle of the price, and the two brands jointly create. With more than ten years of experience in high-definition equipment manufacturing, Kai Bor has carefully designed and supported mango TV and TV platform online on demand, ensuring a stable and substantial amount of film and television resources.

Second, high configuration smooth experience

When choosing a TV set-top box, the choice of hardware configuration is the same as the choice of mobile phone and tablet PC. Chips and memory are important indicators of product performance. The hardware configuration of Mango Yueguangbao X6 is very good, using Rockchip RK3368 processor, 64-bit eight-core A53 architecture chip, support 4K and hardware H.265 video decoding, can do so that every picture is completely filled.

In addition, Mango Moonlight X6 supplemented with 1G + 8G storage with the latest HDMI2.0 high-speed interface, enough for 12-bit color screen at a high frame rate of 60fps per second display, so that the performance of mango Moonlight X6 climb as Leading the industry.

Third, excellent film source massive supply

Most of the smart TV boxes on the market can watch online videos, but because there is no genuine license, the video for users to watch will face the copyright issue will be off the shelf at any time, or the picture quality is not clear. Mango Moonlight X6 can watch the Mango TV movie and TV platform online. The platform has the most comprehensive video content, 1 million hours of ultra-clear video, synchronized updates, rich movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, documentaries, and can easily meet all members of the family. Viewing needs.

Fourth, dazzling appearance and exquisite fashion

In addition to the built-in excellent content resources, the appearance and hardware of the Mango Moonlight X6 is a leader in the box industry. The design adheres to Kai Boer's consistent technology and fashionable style. It has four gorgeous bodies, colorful colors, together with a three-dimensional cylindrical body design, superb drawing process, perfect combination of technology and fashion.

Fifth, KIUI excellent experience

Mango Moonlight X6 is equipped with the open borer KIUI intelligent control system, which is a set of exclusive development team developed by Kai Boer's own elite, from the first generation of KIUI 1.0 to today's KIUI 7.0, each version is released after careful consideration, to achieve weight The level of breakthrough, from the design of the UI to the diversity of functional experience, is ultimately based on the user's point of view, bringing a more intuitive and more stable and rich online video experience.

Buy Mango Moonlight X6 now, only 399 yuan, participate in the sun single praise that can enjoy 30 yuan WeChat red envelopes, interested friends can be Jingdong Mall search for open Bor Box to buy. Or log in at the following address:

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