Metal halide lamp energy efficiency standard implemented in July

The reporter learned from the Institute of Resources and Environmental Standardization of China National Institute of Standardization, "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Ratings for Ballasts for Metal Halide Lamps" (GB20053-2006), "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Ratings for Metal Halide Lamps" ( GB20054-2006) two standards will be implemented on July 1, 2006. It is understood that the metallurgical lamp and metal halide lamp ballast energy efficiency standards to be implemented mainly have three aspects: First, the energy efficiency rating. Energy efficiency classification can provide consumers with overall energy efficiency information of products, and can be used as a technical basis for future implementation of energy efficiency labeling of energy-using products. Different from the energy efficiency standards of refrigerators and air conditioners, the energy efficiency grades of lighting products in China are divided into 3 levels. The first level is international advanced level. Currently, there are no or only a few products on the market. The second level is domestic advanced and efficient products, which is energy saving evaluation. Values, products that reach Level 2 and above can be certified to obtain energy-saving certification marks; Level 3 is energy-efficient limit values. Level 3 or below is a phase-out product and is prohibited from being sold in the market. The second is the energy efficiency limit requirement, which will be used as a mandatory indicator when the standard is implemented. The energy efficiency limit value is the minimum energy efficiency value of the country's permitted products, and the products below this value are products that are explicitly eliminated by the state. The third is the energy-saving evaluation requirements, which are recommended indicators and the technical basis for carrying out energy-saving product certification. Energy-saving product certification is an important energy-saving management system stipulated in China's Energy Conservation Law to guide and encourage enterprises to improve energy efficiency of products. When the metal halide lamp is a qualified product that meets the requirements for energy conservation evaluation, the enterprise may apply to the National Energy Conservation Product Certification Center for energy-saving product certification and obtain the energy-saving mark and certificate issued by it.


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