NVC changes the channel to digest the upstream capacity

[High-tech LED reporter Xiong Yuheng] On April 5, NVC Lighting (02222.HK) announced that the current chairman has resigned as chairman, non-executive director and member of the remuneration committee due to the need to focus on other business matters. And said there is no disagreement with the board of directors.

At the same time, Wang Donglei, the head of Dehao Runda, who was just selected as a non-executive director of NVC, was elected as the new chairman of NVC Lighting. The above changes took effect on April 3. As for Wu Changjiang, who said earlier that he will return to the board of directors of NVC Lighting, there is no "landing" for the time being.

From this point of view, NVC has entered the era of Wang Donglei, and the mature dealer system of NVC seems to be at your fingertips.

At the beginning, Dehao Runda entered the NVC, and it was the mature brand of NVC and the perfect terminal channel network covering the whole country. Nowadays, the rumor that “Dehao Runda LED product sales are all integrated into the NVC operation center” has been confirmed by Dehao Runda. “This year, the light source products produced by Dehao Runda are being applied to NVC lighting LED lamps. Production, and sales in channels across the country."

According to the dealer system of NVC, Dehao Runda sells its own light source products instead of lighting products. Dehao Runda is only a light source provider for NVC, and will not be a NVC. The lighting business has formed an impact.

A NVC dealer in Hangzhou said: "In fact, Dehao Runda's products have already penetrated into NVC's dealer system. This year, some new LED lighting fixtures are used in the store, which is the chip of Dehao Runda." A certain NVC agent in Shandong also revealed that “there was a notice that the sales of Dehao Runda products were integrated into the NVC marketing system, but the specific time and operation method have not yet been finalized”.

Subsequently, the reporter called NVC in Changzhou, Zouqu, Nanchang, Beijing and other places, and the responses were not received. What makes the reporter even more surprised is that many dealers simply don't know that Dehao Runda has settled in NVC, and they have never even heard of the brand of Dehao Runda. Needless to say, they need to represent Dehao Runda's products.

It seems that in terms of channel cognition, most of NVC's dealers are still not familiar with Dehao Runda.

Unlike the operations center, dealers are not loyal to NVC. When the reporter visited the terminal market, he found that many brands operated by NVC stores are not limited to NVC, and even Ou Pu, Panasonic and some domestic LED lighting brands can be seen. A dealer in Shenzhen said frankly, "NVC's LED products are too expensive, they can't afford to sell at all, and they have to rely on other brands to support their performance."

Due to the high price and the lack of sales, in the terminal lighting market, dealers have generally not recognized the NVC LED lighting in the past few years.

This is also directly reflected in the performance of NVC Lighting. In 2012, NVC Lighting's turnover reached 3.56 billion yuan, but its LED sales accounted for less than 10%. After the combination of Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting, whether it can reduce the cost of LED lighting and seize the price advantage in the terminal market is still unknown.

The relevant person in charge of Dehao Runda previously revealed that the LED light source products produced by the company in the first quarter of this year are entering the channels of NVC lighting throughout the country for sales. For Dehao Runda, at least for investors to question the upstream chip production capacity has a good short-term breathing opportunity.

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