On December 5th, the price of imported ore went up, and the coke was weak.

On the 5th, the domestic iron concentrate market stabilized and consolidated, with relatively light transactions. The imported ore market was affected by the rising price of mining tenders, and the overall market price went up. The imported laterite nickel ore market was operating weakly and turnover was low. On the 2nd, the shipping market as a whole went well for the fifth consecutive day, but the gains narrowed. The pig iron market remained stable on the 5th, the market demand was limited, the transaction was poor, and the big ones were rare. The inventory of manufacturers had a growing trend and the market outlook was not optimistic. The direct-reduced iron spot price remained stable overall, and the purchase in the downstream market remained basically normal. In Shandong, the spot transaction price was significantly reduced due to the low spot-bid price.

On the 5th, the national steel billet market suffered a substantial price cut in Tangshan, which affected the downward adjustment of billet prices. The turnover was not good. On the 5th, the scrap market was steadily consolidating. The supply of the market was tight, and the arrival of steel mills was unsatisfactory and the volume was light. The market price of waste stainless steel rose slightly, but the market turnover was still not satisfactory.

On the 5th, the domestic coal-burning coal injection market operated steadily and the overall fluctuations were not significant. The coal price performance was stable and the turnover was poor. The high level of the anthracite coal market is running smoothly and the mainstream prices remain unchanged. The main body of the thermal coal market is running weakly. The coking coal market was consolidating and the market transactions were good. On the 5th, the imported coal market was operating stably. Except for transactions in North Korea and Vietnam anthracite market, other types of transactions were not smooth. The atmosphere in the coke market was normal and the prices were weak and stable. The Lanzhou Carbon Market maintained its consolidation trend, and the transaction turned weak.

On the 5th, the imported manganese ore spot market was operating weakly. The Mn44 Australian block is currently reported at RMB 40-41/t. The price of imported chrome ore did not fluctuate, and the enquiries decreased. The ordinary alloy ferrosilicon market was affected by rising electricity bills and the quotation was chaotic; the manganese alloy market was consolidating; the chromium alloy market reported weaker prices and the transaction volume was weak. The special alloy ferromolybdenum market was temporarily stable, and the transaction was deserted; the vanadium alloy market did not fluctuate, and transactions were general.

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