Sanxiong Aurora and Greenland Group officially signed strategic cooperation in 2012-2013

(Reporter / Xiong Yuheng finishing) Recently, Sanxiong Aurora and Shanghai Greenland Group, a well-known real estate company, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2012-2013. The signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of Shanghai Greenland Group. This is the first time that Sanxiong Aurora and Greenland Group has cooperated in national projects in the form of strategic partners.

Sanxiong Aurora has been intensively cultivated for many years in the field of lighting. Both technology and brand effects have been precipitated accordingly. Nowadays, the emerging LED lighting industry is attacking more and more. In the bidding for the Greenland Group project, Sanxiong Aurora won the favor of Greenland Group with advanced technology, unique lighting design, excellent after-sales service, mature marketing team and marketing network covering the whole country, providing professional services for Greenland's real estate. Lighting solutions, the two sides are full of expectations for future cooperation.

As a comprehensive domestic real estate leader, Greenland Group ranked 483th among the world's top 500 companies in 2012, 36th among the top 500 Chinese companies in 2011, and ranked 17th among Shanghai's corporate groups. The total amount of sales exceeded 240 billion yuan, and the sales of real estate business exceeded 100 billion yuan. It is well-known and influential in the real estate industry. The cooperation with Greenland Group will definitely promote the smooth opening of real estate channels for Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Products.

In fact, Sanxiong Aurora has been paying attention to real estate channels for a long time. Since 2009, through the adjustment and training of the sales team of the sales department system team, the continuous improvement of the product production line, the after-sales service and the continuous upgrading of the operation mode, the cooperation between Sanxiong Aurora and the large-scale real estate companies in the country has been flourishing, and the sales volume has gradually increased. A good sight.

At present, Sanxiong Aurora has reached strategic cooperation with large real estate companies such as Vanke, Greenland, Evergrande, Jindi and Greentown.

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