Says Microsoft's 1 billion investment in WinMo says it will not buy Palm

Says Microsoft's 1 billion investment in WinMo says it will not buy Palm

On March 3, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, there have been recent rumors that Microsoft's share of the mobile phone market has been hovering below 10%, and the market share of mobile phone manufacturer Palm is even worse, so Microsoft is considering buying Palm.

However, Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at US investment agency Pacific Crest, does not think so. Marnik said that according to information recently disclosed by Microsoft's Bill Koefoed, who is in charge of investment relations, it is impossible for Microsoft to acquire Palm or RIM.

Coyford said that Microsoft plans to invest $ 1 billion in Windows Mobile for research and development. According to this, Marnik said that in such a "cooperation, acquisition or independent development" field, such a huge investment shows that Microsoft will take the path of independent development.

Marnik said: "Coifford said that Palm and RIM operating systems have encountered challenges in the development process. These words mean that Microsoft will not give up R & D, but will build a good Windows Mobile operating system. Developer community. "

According to the latest data released by market research organization Gartner, in the global smartphone market in 2009, Nokia, RIM and Apple ranked the top three with market shares of 47%, 20% and 14%, respectively. Microsoft's Windows Mobile market share is 8%, higher than Google's Android 4% and Palm's 1%.

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