Several ways to discuss about the mixer

The mixer, as the name implies, adjusts the sound quality. When using the mixer to process the sound quality, different sound engineers may have their own advantages. This is due to the modification of sound quality, which is both objective and subjective. Objectivity is the basic principles and rules that sound quality modification should follow. Subjectivity is the personal preference of the director and sound engineer. In use, the sound engineer can make full use of the sound quality adjustment function keys on the mixer to modify the sound quality, thereby expressing the connotation of the work, realizing the intention of the director, and making a good work. But when I was working at the local station, I encountered the following practices worth discussing in terms of the use and maintenance of the tuning:

1. All function keys on the mixer are not allowed to move

The mixer has many functions such as signal exchange, combination, distribution, control and sound quality adjustment, so there are many function keys. As mentioned earlier, when adjusting sound quality, objectively it is governed by the law of sound quality adjustment, but subjectively it is dominated by the personal preference of the director and sound engineer. This subjectivity comes from the difference between personal artistic and aesthetic views. This difference has led to different editors and sound engineers making different edits of the same work. Even if the same work is in the hands of the same director and producer, different background music and tone of speech will be used depending on the plot and the characters. This depends on the proper performance of the actors and the proper recording and processing of the program. To give a simple example, if you want to show someone's courage, then what he said is technically speaking, it should be full of loudness, good reverberation, low frequency and mid-low frequency. The sound engineer should perform technical analysis and technical modification of the dialogue sound from the above aspects. If it has been achieved and the effect can be reflected, it is not necessary to modify the sound quality, otherwise it must be modified. Therefore, when the program is recorded, the sound quality adjustment keys on the mixer are moved by the person due to the plot, and the sound quality adjustment function is lost if it is not moved, and side effects may also occur. If someone's voice is pungent and unpleasant, the frequency balance can be used to improve the low frequency, attenuate the high frequency, and add reverb to modify it to make it round, but because the sound quality adjustment function key does not move, it can be adjusted to achieve improved sound quality It cannot be improved; if the original key is in low frequency attenuation and the high frequency is extended, the sound will be more unpleasant. In addition, for programs recorded under such hard rules, the audibility is not good enough, and even the level will fluctuate, which makes it difficult to master.

2. Clean the volume fader with a screwdriver dipped in alcohol.

Insert a screwdriver with alcohol into the fader slot and scrape it back and forth, this is a method used by a technical director to clean the mixer volume fader. I dare not agree with this method. Because there is dustproof fleece in the notch of the fader, alcohol will be absorbed by it and will not flow to the cleaning part, and the sharp screwdriver will scratch the conductive film on the volume potentiometer.

No scientific reports have been seen on how to clean the volume faders. Since the volume fader is a potentiometer, it should be cleaned according to the potentiometer cleaning method. First open the mixer cover or the small box cover to expose the potentiometer, then use the row pen to dip the cleaning agent for cleaning . Although this cleaning is troublesome, it will not scratch the potentiometer, and it is thoroughly cleaned.

3. Dust cover

The mixer should be dust-proof. The environment of the local station is poor. Making a dust cover to cover the mixer can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust. But in reality, either there is no dust cover, and the staff wipes off the dust that falls on the mixer every day with a rag; or the dust cover has not been cleaned for a long time, but it has become a dust source. Both of these situations are undesirable.

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