[Sissi Shen Shen] high-end TV box, who is better than soft power?

Since the moment when the Internet was connected to television, the television resources that television users can see are showing explosive growth. Both the quantity and quality of resources cannot be compared in the era of analog signals several years ago. As a result, users are more demanding about home appliances, and they are also more enthusiastic about the viewing experience and the attitude of enjoying Internet life. In order to cater to consumers' consumer psychology, home appliance manufacturers began to slash all kinds of hardware configurations and fight price wars. However, while high-end brands are making high configurations, experience is always at the top of the list. Prices are secondary to prices. of. Users are more sought after, just like the two TV box brands I mentioned today, Huawei Box and Tate Box.

Since the choice is a high-end brand, the two boxes on the hardware configuration are considered to be the flagship configuration, and the workmanship and quality are absolutely guaranteed. So, let's put aside the hardware today and compare the soft power of the next two boxes directly. Who is better?

We chose the flagship model of the two boxes, the MediaQ M330 for Huawei, and the WEBOX WE30 for Tektronix.

The first one: system optimization comparison
Huawei box

The main UI of Huawei's box UI directly classifies the GITV (Galaxy Internet) movie and TV program by movie, TV, animation, and variety shows. The center of the desktop displays the recommended videos in the form of posters. The left and right keys of the remote control can be switched, and the direct click enters. , There are different function options under the desktop, according to different video options switch, will search, recently watched, favorites, my cache Dolby area, 4K area, HD area, hot zone, synchro theater, parents lock The commonly used functions, such as the clever setting of the page, make the desktop quite fresh and the subject prominent.

Tate box

The main interface of Tatebox uses a tile-like design style similar to Win 10, followed by CIBN high-definition video (China Radio and Television Network), game center, settings, local browser, application mall and other modules, classification is clear, very simple . The main interface that is different from the Huawei box displays the design of the video resource classification. Users need to enter the CIBN high-definition video to watch the corresponding video resources. The operating level is less, avoiding the flaw of the desktop recommending movies and videos and not finding the resources that you like.

Both box systems are based on Android, but it is difficult to see the shadow of native Android. It can be seen that the two box manufacturers have made considerable efforts in system optimization. The system updates the Tatelite box to ensure an upgrade of about twice a month. The Huawei box will also be updated from time to time.

It can be seen that in the optimization of the system, the two main boxes of the high-end market are undivided and have their own characteristics.

Item 2: Comparison of Broadcast Control Platforms
For the broadcast control platform, the Huawei box uses GITV, and the Thai box uses CIBN. Both are regular mainstream licenses and genuine video resources.

Yangguang Galaxy (GITV)
Galaxy Internet TV Co., Ltd. is a central media company owned by the Central People's Broadcasting Corporation. It has established a joint venture company with Jiangsu Radio and Television General Affairs and Ichiyi Technology Co., Ltd. to operate. Its content providers mainly come from Jiangsu TV stations and iQiyi, and they cover TV dramas, movies, variety shows, entertainment, music, animation, life, records, funny, sports, and education.

The contents of the Yangguang Galaxy are younger, mainly TV dramas, movies, and variety shows. Other types of programs such as living health programs are not very rich. From the perspective of our products, they are not suitable for the needs of elderly audiences and have not been found to be relevant to operas. The content did not find news-related content.

China International Broadcasting and Television Station (CIBN)
The China International Broadcasting and Television Network Station (CIBN for short) is the international media platform for new media launched by China Radio International. CIBN is operated exclusively by Yangguang New Media Media Co., Ltd. and covers both mainland China and North America. Its content providers mainly include BesTV, ICNTV, iQIYI, PPTV, DOX Multi-Visual, Chinese Food Channel, T&D, Xiangjiang Culture, CRIENGLISH English, Jiangtong Animation, Learning and Learning. Content covers news, film and television, open class, life, parent-child and other major aspects.

CIBN's content has the characteristics of international cultural communication. He integrated the contents of the two major domestic licenses. It can be described as a massive program. Its content can fully support our current products and future products, and has considerable advantages in the quantity and quality of resources. .

The CIBN of the box on the broadcast control platform is undoubtedly more competitive, winning the victory in this one.

Item 3: Comparison of Purchase Channels
This is related to how easy it is for our consumers to buy TV boxes. The number of TV boxes purchased offline is relatively small. Most people will choose to buy online. We will use the online store as a comparison.

At present, Huawei Box does not open its own official flagship store in Tmall Mall and Jingdong Mall. If users want to purchase Huawei Box, they can only purchase it from Huawei Mall or select a mall agent. The Taijie box is more comprehensive, except for the opening of the official flagship store in Tmall Mall and Jingdong Mall. It also supports the order of the official Thai Mall.

At this point, the Tate box easily beats Huawei's box.

Fourth: After-sales service comparison
It is impossible for us to buy television boxes without problems. After sales, we have to consider the issue.

Huawei box supports 7 days return, 15 days after-sales service policy. If there is a hardware problem, you can also go directly to the official website to search Huawei offline service points and go directly to the nearest service point for repair. The official mall's 400 customer service calls are available Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 23:00.

Taijie box official mall support 7 days no reason to return, within 15 days replacement, 1 year free warranty, 1 hour quick change, 1 minute lightning customer service policy. It is worth mentioning that Taijie official customer service supports remote installation of software, through the TV box factory mac address, a remote installation. No official maintenance point has been opened under the line. The official mall's 400 customer service telephones are available Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 24:00.

At this point, the two boxes couldn't be separated and leveled again.

to sum up:

Two TV boxes that hit the high-end market are tied in a 2:2 record in the above four competitions. It can be seen that if you are a person pursuing life style, then you can simply choose one of the two boxes. . If you have old people and children in your home, then the simple operation logic of the Taijie Box and the easier to use system UI are naturally better choices for you.

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