The cottage flat market is under pressure: the minimum sales of 300 yuan gross profit less than 10%

The cottage market is under pressure: The minimum price is 300 yuan. Gross profit is less than 10%. The domestic and foreign markets of the cottage flat panel are under pressure, and those cottage computers that are located at more than a thousand yuan will immediately become inventory if they are not dealt with at a significant price. In the consumer electronics field, once inventory exceeds six months, it becomes electronic waste. "At present, the price of the mid-range white card has reached about 600 yuan, and the price of low-end products has dropped to 300-400 yuan. The gross profit rate is less than 10%," said a tablet computer maker in Shenzhen.

The Christmas shopping season in Europe and the United States is approaching. However, for Shenzhen-based tablet PC makers based mainly on overseas markets, this season of high consumption is likely to be only disappointing.

On the one hand, the economic downturn in Europe and the United States has caused the market to be weak; on the other hand, the low price of the Amazon Kindle Fire has also caused a large loss of customers for the Whiteboard (cottage) tablet. In order to sell goods, white tablet makers have to cut prices repeatedly, and vicious competition has already emerged. “The gross profit is less than 10%. A slight inventory loss will result in a loss. The feeling is that it is walking on the tip of the knife. The industry shuffling will inevitably lead to a large number of lack of strength in the Xiaoshanzhai will be eliminated.” Early this year began to get involved in the Shenzhen Tablet PC cottage Sun Hongwei, the person in charge of Pide Digital, has almost reached a consensus in the cottage industry.

However, people in the industry also pointed out that tablet PCs mainly use ARM architecture chips and Android operating systems. This open architecture leaves a lot of room for the innovation of white-label companies. White tablet PCs can develop various innovative applications. The market finds its own footing. With the further expansion of domestic and foreign flat-panel markets, Shenzhen Shanzhai Tablet, which has a strong industrial chain supporting capability, is likely to duplicate the glory of the original Shanzhai handsets, and those white-brand manufacturers with independent development capabilities may have a chance to become bigger.

Deteriorating demand in Europe and the United States Christmas export decline in the Christmas season Currently, Shenzhen White Tablet PC is more sold to foreign markets. The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei electronics market that the overseas markets of Baipai Tablets are mainly concentrated in two major markets. One is a developed market based on European and American markets, and the other is emerging from India, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. market. The two major markets each account for about 50% of the export value. The high-end products in the European and American markets sell better; the low-end products are sought after in the emerging markets.

However, this year, due to the impact of the European debt crisis, the European and American economies have been sluggish, making consumer demand in Europe and the United States market sluggish. “Overseas economic situation is not optimistic. It has a great impact on Shenzhen's shipment of Baipai tablet PCs.” He Wenbo, a Shenzhen-based digital sales manager, admitted in an interview with a reporter from Nandu.

This view has been fully confirmed in the near future. Since entering the month of October, Shenzhen's white tablet makers have begun to fully prepare for the Western Christmas shopping season, hoping to take the opportunity to stand up. However, the orders from Europe and the United States market were far lower than expected, making the hopes of the white tablet makers fail. “It was originally expected that orders for 150,000 units could be obtained in October and November. The company can still earn some money this year. It knows that it only received more than 80,000 units. After that, a series of plans made according to 150,000 units were all to be knocked down. Come back," said Sun Hongwei, head of Pide Digital. Sun Hongwei told reporters that the orders of most enterprises in the circle were less than expected, and the busy season was not a fait accompli.

Fortunately, while the market demand in Europe and the United States is sluggish, the performance of emerging markets is relatively firm. A number of cottage makers revealed that during the interview with Nandu reporters, in the past two months, orders from Russia, Brazil, and Eastern Europe have increased significantly. Although the volume of single orders will not be large, they are also a large collection. "Now everyone is busy looking for customers in Southeast Asia, West Asia, and the Middle East. I hope these customers can bring in incremental orders to offset the decline in European and American orders."

Big brand price cut cottage flat facing reshuffle Previously, Apple ipad2 market price in more than 3,000 yuan, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Hewlett-Packard and other traditional PC manufacturers and Hanwang, Patriot and other digital manufacturers of tablet computers, the price is also in the 3000 Yuan above. The price of cottage flat, the high-end in the 1500 or so; low-end products as long as 500 to 600 yuan. It is a huge spread that becomes the living space for cottage computers.

However, before and after the National Day, Lenovo suddenly blew up a thousand yuan storm and adjusted the price of the Lenovo Pad A1, a 7-inch tablet that was just listed, and the price adjustment was very large. The 2GB version was only available for 1,000 yuan and the 16GB version. For only 1399 yuan (previous 16GB version listed price is 2499 yuan). This price adjustment by Lenovo immediately triggered an uproar in the market. According to statistics, Lenovo's Pad A1 sold nearly 8,000 units in less than three days in the early days of price reductions, Taobao flagship store and Jingdong Mall. The physical stores in major cities have long sold off the goods.

The domestic market has been oppressed by Lenovo, and the days of flat-panels on the international market have not been easy. The Kindle Fire is priced at $199, which is equivalent to more than 1,200 yuan. This price makes the white plate of more than a thousand dollars almost lose its living space in the North American market. Sun Hongwei of Paide Digital told reporters that an agent in North America had previously signed a list of 6,000 units and the deposit had also been called. In the early part of November, the customer suddenly broke his contract and the guarantee money was gone. “The customer told me that due to the low price of the Kindle Fire, many consumers have snapped up the Kindle Fire. Compared with the Kindle Fire, the cottage plate has no price advantage and is difficult to sell, so it can only destroy the contract.”

The domestic and foreign markets of the cottage flat panel are under pressure, and those cottage computers that are located at more than a thousand yuan will immediately become inventory if they are not dealt with at a significant price. In the consumer electronics field, once inventory exceeds six months, it becomes electronic waste. In addition to the pressure on the high-end cottage flats, the sharp downward shift in the price of the first-line brands has also led to a corresponding downward adjustment in the price of the low-end cottage flats. "At present, the price of the mid-range white card has reached about 600 yuan, and the price of low-end products has dropped to 300-400 yuan. The gross profit rate is less than 10%. The low-end cottage plate with VIA chip, the shipping price 300 Blocks, profits only 20 to 30; and about 500 mid-range tablet PCs, gross profit is also within 50. If you count other costs, the net profit will be even lower. Mainly depends on the amount to maintain profitability." Wenbo pointed out.

Sun Hongwei pointed out that the continuous price reduction makes the profit of the cottage flat increasingly thin, and lose money if it is not careful. "The industry is shuffling. After digesting the inventory, many small enterprises in the Xiaoshanzhai will withdraw from this market."

Differentiation in order to survive, innovation or rejuvenation brilliant cottage flat living space is getting smaller and smaller, the industry reshuffle soon, there are people in the industry on the worry, the cottage will step in the footsteps of the cottage netbook, to become another waterloo in Shenzhen cottage manufacturers?

Concerned about this, billionaire digital sales manager He Wenbo disapproved. He Wenbo said that Yi Dao is very optimistic about the future trend of tablet computers, especially the industrial customer market. For example, the catering industry needs to use tablet computers to order the dishes instead of the original recipes. The medical industry can use tablet computers to provide better services for nurses and doctors. In addition, the education industry has great potential. "Of course, the excavation of these industrial markets requires us to improve the customer experience of our products and to produce more suitable products for them according to their requirements."

Wu Aongxiong, president of ARM China, also pointed out that the open architecture of the Tablet PC's ARM architecture chip and Android operating system is different from the closed architecture of the Wintel era, providing the industry with a huge space for innovation. “The use of tablet PCs is very extensive. This year, the ARM architecture chips designed and sold by Chinese chip companies are expected to exceed 500 million. From 2007 to 2010, their sales have increased 5.5 times, which is much higher than the global chip industry during this period. 84 %Sales increase.For SMEs, ARM has introduced a series of development tools, including some free versions for them.This era, software application development is the key point that ultimately determines the competitiveness of products.SMEs can be found through innovation Your own market segment."

Jiang Jiang, the channel manager of Weijiang Information Technology Company, told reporters that the Whiteboard should adopt a differentiated market strategy to cope with the current difficulties. "For example, although the price of Lenovo's music padA1 is about 1,000 yuan, it is only a tablet computer, and our tablet PC with the same price has 3G communication and other functions. We only need 500 yuan for the shipping price of products with the same configuration as A1. To 600 yuan, it can be seen that the Whiteboard still has its own living space."

More industry opinion holds that currently there are more than a dozen chip suppliers for tablet PCs, and as many as hundreds of solution providers, various kinds of innovations have emerged, industry competition is sufficient, and those with independent development capabilities and fast response speeds Manufacturers are expected to stand out. Taking Ruixin Micro, a supplier of tablet chips, as an example, soon after Google Android 4.0 was released, Rockchip launched the Android 4.0 firmware version using the RK29 solution. A certain white tablet PC with this firmware version has already been launched. At this time, those first-line PC brand tablet PC products still use Android 2.3 version.

"Now Shenzhen's flat panel industry is very similar to the Case of a spurt on the eve of a cottage phone. The MediaTek model has created the glory of the cottage mobile phone. Once the domestic and foreign flat-panel market is really launched on a large scale, MediaTek in the tablet area is also very likely to emerge." Sun Hongwei, the mobile phone fought in the cottage flat, concluded.

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