The key to LED application products is "lighting mode" and "optical light distribution"

[Text / Xu Liancheng] As we all know, LED is the revolution of the fourth generation of light source, the first generation of lighting is all kinds of fire, the second generation of lighting is all kinds of incandescent lamps, like ordinary bulbs, halogen lamps, the third generation of lighting is various types Gas or arc discharge lamps, such as fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps, and gas discharge lamps. In the late 1990s, solid-state lighting based on semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs), replacing incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps entered the field of general lighting.

It is worth noting that the illuminating mechanism of the first three generations of light sources is surface illuminating. In particular, the core technology of the second and third generation lighting and luminaires is the “reflector”. The quality of the “reflector” determines the efficiency of the luminaire, such as the street lighting of outdoor lighting. The quality of the reflector has a very different light distribution efficiency, which directly affects the illumination and uniformity requirements of the road.

Today's LED single lighting method has brought certain difficulties to optical distribution, structure, process, production standardization, etc., which has led some companies to take a detour, some of the top packaging companies in the industry, for the light distribution requirements of street lamps. Careful design and production of disposable peanut lens packaging light source suitable for road lighting requirements has reduced the troubles of optical light distribution, structural design, and production process. Unfortunately, some companies have been abandoned by the so-called "high light efficiency" misleading. Use of this product. Blind follow-up uses an integral lens, and the defects of the overall lens are gradually exposed. Enlightened by the way of surface illumination, the industry began to try to work on streetlights, and unexpected effects on uniformity and glare.

The same is true for indoor lighting. The mechanism of optical diffuse reflection of conventional lighting fixtures for downlights, grille lamps, bean gall lamps and ceiling lamps makes the lighting effect soft and comfortable. Looking at some of today's LED lamps, the premise of energy-saving, according to the gourd painting scoop, as long as the light is the light, the conventional lamp housing is replaced by an LED light source is a lamp, and the lighting effect of conventional lighting is very different. It can be compared from the display of the camera image, and the entire face is shaded. The light distribution curve measured by the luminaire is not difficult to see where the problem lies.

As indoor lighting, it is suitable for different environments, occasions, and different lighting methods. For example, in a jewelry store, LED single-combined downlights are used in this kind of occasion. The mechanism of LED light-emitting illumination makes the jewelry colorful, dazzling and enhances guests. The desire to buy. Different items in the mall should use different color temperature and different color lighting methods to achieve the lighting promotion, so that everyone can truly experience the charm of LED lighting.

From the way we manufacture LED lamps today, it is not difficult to see that most of them are replaced by a gourd painting, and a conventional lamp housing is replaced with an LED light source. Compared with the lighting method of conventional lamps, is the angle of the light source mode, whether the reflector meets the light distribution requirements, the lighting effect, and the lighting requirements are appropriate? It is necessary to study the development of LED lighting from these points. The high-efficiency index should not be blindly pursued. Considering the change of the positional orientation of the light source, the high-grade reflector can be subjected to glass coating treatment, so that the service life is long and the reflection efficiency is higher. In short, indoor lighting should be comfortable lighting, intelligent control of energy-saving lighting is its development direction.

The development of the LED industry is rugged. Many companies have suffered many hardships since the development. Many tuition fees have been paid. It can be seen from the LED bankruptcy that broke out this year. The LED assembly era and the price era have ended. The LED capital era has been opened. The LED brand era has already advent. It should be clearly recognized that enterprise development relies on the continuous updating of technology, the establishment of brands, and the support of high-quality products. It is necessary to pay attention to the core of products and the ownership of patented technologies. Innovation is the foundation of enterprise development and continuous innovation, in order to sustain development. Enterprises without technology and without their own products are not far away.

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