The world's first flagship store of Nuts Intelligent Cinema officially opened in 10 minutes

The world's first flagship store of Nuts Intelligent Cinema officially settled in Shenzhen Nanshan Coastal City on September 25. Shenzhen has always been the capital of smart hardware, Nanshan Coastal City is densely populated, and various kinds of technology tide products are blooming here and there. As the leader in the intelligent projection industry, the presence of the first flagship store for NutSmart Cinema has attracted many consumers to experience it.

At 10 o'clock in the morning on September 25th, Co-CEOs Chen Xingbo and Ji Yuelin of Nuts Intelligent Theater successively delivered speeches, and together with the marketing director and channel director, they performed a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Ten minutes after opening, the first one was sold.

The audience continued to enter the market, experienced the product, and asked the staff about product-related issues.

In the evening K song session, the audience enthusiastically enrolled and won the exquisite gifts.

The Coastal City Flagship Store is divided into four functional areas: product static display area, smart TV demonstration area, home smart theater experience area, and exchange display area.

To celebrate the opening of the first flagship store, Nuts has launched three special promotions!

Offer one:

Three days before the opening (September 25th - September 27th), all products in the store are lower than the price of T-shirt Jingdong!

Offer 2:

Any customer purchases the nut laser television S1 pro and buys the 100 inch or 120 inch light curtain, can enjoy the spike to drop 2000 Yuan directly. Limit purchases while stock lasts.

Offer 3:

Both old customers and new customers have discounts! Any customer, take the electronic coupons to the store, you can use the coupons, enjoy the P series on-site purchase of 100 yuan discount, G series on-site purchase of 200 yuan discount, X series on-site purchase of 300 yuan discount, S series on-site purchase of 1,000 yuan discount. And this event can be superimposed with coupons that are lower than the Jingdong price.                                                   

The Nuts Smart Cinema has been cultivating the research, development, and production of intelligent projection equipment. Since its development, it has established a stable position in the micro-investment industry. The total number of users in the world, in just one and a half years, the company has rapidly developed from the A-round to the C-round, becoming the first C-round intelligent hardware company in 2016, and taking the lead in strategically launching cost-effective and extremely powerful functions. Screen nut S1 pro laser television, subvert the traditional LCD TV.  

In the future, NutSmart Cinema will focus on the construction of “terminal+content+platform+software” and will become the controller and laser TV revolutionary in addition to the fourth screen of mobile phones, PCs and TVs.

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