TV industry, Red Sea, micro-whale LeTV 43-inch full-scale competition

With the fierce competition in the TV industry, the Red Sea, televisions are becoming more and more subdivided. Manufacturers are committed to providing more diversified sizes to cater to the needs of consumers. If 55-inch is now the standard for home living rooms. , then 43 吋 is definitely the preferred family bedroom. Next Xiaobian will choose three well-known manufacturers in the industry, micro whale, music, and millet, to conduct a full range of comparisons, hoping to give everyone a bit of advice when choosing Internet TV.

one. Exterior:

The micro whale's border design is very narrow, and the bottom border is beautifully matched with rose gold and black panels. This TV is quite worthy. The side is thin and angular, and the design style of the Whale 43 WTV43K1 TV is very simple. The bottom of the frame and the base of the coating are light gold, metal texture is obvious. No matter from which point of view, the micro whale WTV43K1 TV appears to be very dignified and beautiful, making it look much more upscale than the average TV set.

LeTV's appearance is relatively calm, thanks to his H-type base. The logo area at the bottom is a family-style black underpinning design. The black of the fuselage and the white of the base complement each other, but Xiaobian thinks that there is no personalization of the black gold color of the micro whale. The thickness of the machine is also well controlled, and the frame also basically meets the standards of mainstream manufacturers.

Editor silently believe that the appearance of millet 43-inch is the most strange of the three machines, the first is the big border of gold color, it touches the big black edge of millet phone 5 and some fight, then this tripod, how How strange to see, the overall gives a feeling of top-heavy, large body with a pair of small feet, no matter how Xiaomi Wang Chuan at the press conference, said that Xiaomi ingenious, unfortunately this 43-inch TV Oh Oh.

two. panel

The micro-whale adopts the panel of LGD IPS hard screen, the resolution can be as high as 4K, Xiao Bian looked at it, this is basically the highest configuration in the domestic 43-inch TV. The dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000 to one is the same for all domestic peers.

From the parameters given by LeTV's official website, it can be seen that LeTV uses a 1080p panel, and the brightness is also less than 130 nits less than that of a micro whale. What is the concept of this? It is the same content of two TV broadcasts. The screen will be darker than the whale, and the effect is that if it is really daytime, it may not be visible.

Millet's configuration is simply black heart. Do not say that two kinds of panels randomly shipped, the difference between the original LG and AUO is not a little bit. For example, the contrast, micro whale is 10,000:1 music are unified 3000:1, and millet is slightly different, if you buy LG screen, the contrast ratio is 1200:1, and AUO screen is 3000:1, although the contrast can not be completely Determine the quality of television, but it is generally accepted in the industry that the higher the contrast is, the better the sense of restored imagery is, and the sharper the image is, the clearer the image will be. Therefore, this link is irrelevant. However, if you buy a millet TV user using the LG screen, you may feel uncomfortable.

three. Parameter configuration

The micro whale uses a 828 chip. At a glance, it looks as if 828 is not as powerful as 918,908. What is the truth? This MStar6A828 is the first ARM 64bit V8 architecture chip launched by MStar in the TV industry. 64-bit can handle longer instructions at one time than 32-bit. In the previous generation Cortex-A7, the Cortex-A53 has a higher-parallel pipeline, a more accurate branch prediction unit, a cache with a higher hit rate, and a larger internal bus bandwidth. Mstar6a918 is a chip launched last year. 1.5G content, 8G cache can meet the daily viewing needs.

LeTV uses a 918 chip, 2G of memory, will perform better when operating more complex instructions.

The configuration of the millet TV is different from that of the chip, and the memory is slightly lower. The others are similar to those of the micro whale.

four. content

Internet TV is different from traditional TV, and content seems to have become the killer of various walking rivers and lakes.

Microwhale TV aggregates Tencent video, Mango TV, VICE and other high-quality content resources, has more than 8,500 movies, over 100,000 episodes of good drama, covers TOP 10 variety shows, and relies on Chinese cultural content creation platform to provide users with high quality Content experience. In the app store, hundreds of exquisite applications tailored specifically for TVs have been carefully selected to meet the needs of families, young and old, and make life more colorful.

Sports programs are the strengths of LeTV. The Premier League and others are also LeTV. If you like a sports program, you may wish to consider LeTV.

The content of Xiaomi everyone knows, most of them are invested in iQiyi, and some of the content of mango content and other video sites.

Summary: There are three 43-inch TVs on the market, small whale cannons, LeTV, and 43-inch millet TV. In fact, we haven't opened much difference. We can only look at our preferences. There is no special demand, but simply need a TV with higher cost performance, that Xiao Bian is still more inclined to recommend micro whale TV.

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