VeriSilicon VZ.AudioHD audio application platform

market Overview

In the past few years, in order to promote high-definition multimedia equipment, it has become clear that this category has begun to dominate the HDTV field successfully, driven by the sharp price reduction of flat panel displays, but several other products are now starting to make Traction. The next generation of DVD players, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, form part of this rapidly growing space and according to the Santa Santa Clara Consulting Group, will represent a $ 4B market in 2010 for these devices Compared with existing DVD players, there are also huge design challenges. For example, the audio performance requirements have been increased several times to support new high-quality audio standards, as well as complex use cases, including a large number of different audio technologies. To meet these requirements, the fully integrated VZ.AudioHD platform includes a variety of pre-optimized high-end audio software modules, a high-performance ZSP800 processor, and a system software framework.

The industry's only comprehensive high-definition audio suite

Other processor IP vendors can provide some audio software technology. VeriSilicon is the only company that can provide a complete set of products, such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD playback codecs, eliminating the need for expensive and difficult development of. With these complex algorithms, system developers significantly reduce their risk and time to market. Another important product function is efficient software design. When other comparative products have similar software modules, the VZ.AudioHD platform requires an average of 50% less megahertz. Therefore, in other processor solutions will have to resort to multi-core solutions to meet all audio processing requirements for HD-DVD / Blu-Ray applications, VZ.AudioHD platform only requires a single ZSP800 implementation required All audio standards.

VZ.AudioHD is a standards-based software audio suite



Dolby Digital

DTS surround

Dolby Digital +

DTS-HD high resolution

Dolby TrueHD

DTS-HD Master audio



Type aacPlus

MPEG-1 / 2L 1-3




Dolby Digital


MPEG-1 Large 2, 3


Audio application


MPEG layer 3

Stereo, 48KHz, 128Kbps

5.6 MHz


5.1, 48KHz, 340Kbps

14.8 MHz

Type aacPlus

5.1, 48KHz, 128Kbps


Dolby Digital (AC-3)

5.1, 48KHz, 448 kbps


Dolby Digital +

5.1, 48KHz, 640 Kbps

24.8 MHz

Figure.1 VZ.Audio HD application benchmark

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