Which is better with Z1? Detailed Explanation of the comparison between Z1 and Z1

Extreme meters and divine paintings are hailed as Huawei and Xiaomi in the domestic projection industry, and all of them have introduced a projector model Z1. So, what is Z1? The author will answer the question today by explaining the comparison between the Z1 meter and the Z1.

Positioning and price:

The Z1 meter and the Z1 picture are miniature projectors in the product positioning, and they are mainly portable intelligent. In terms of price, the price difference between these two products is not big, only a few dollars away.

Design contrast:

The head of Z1 is not large, and its length, breadth and height are only about 18139cm. The shape is not very distinctive, but it is not ugly, streamlined style, black and grey silver color, whether it is home or business, are very suitable! The top of the Z1 fuselage is equipped with some functional touch keys, although this The touch is very stylish and the technology is strong, but with the actual operation, the touch is normal! In front of the touch key is a damped focus adjustment lever. With different pitches, you can use this lever to focus the projector lens!

The Z1 is positioned as a portable mini-projector with 160mm, 98mm, and 25mm measurements, and 409g in weight. The compact size and light weight make the Z1 a portable pocket. Z1's whole body uses aerospace magnesium aluminum alloy material for better heat dissipation; and the top is made of UV nano-casting tempered glass material technology, coupled with the divine painting logo printed on the top corner, the overall appearance of a special sense of quality; At the bottom, ABS+PC flame-retardant material is used. The overall material is still solid.

Interface comparison:

Extremely Z1 has a certain amount of richness on the interface. Two HDMI portals allow games and Blu-ray players to be accessed at one time without frequent manual changes. Standard USB interface, standard VIDEO interface, standard TV input interface, standard 3.5MM computer active speaker interface, standard VGA interface, standard 8 suffix 220V power input interface.

Looking from the back of the mainframe, we can see all the interfaces of Divinity Z1. They are: power interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, standard USB interface, Micro SD card slot, standard HDMI interface, infrared interface and physical switching power supply. button. These are very important for the extension of Z1's later use. Both USB and SD cards can watch users download movies independently, while HDMI can be used as content input source for other boxes and other devices. So from the interface point of view Z1 is still quite conscience, commonly used interfaces are basically.

Parameter comparison:

Basic parameters:

Projection parameters:

Polar meter Z1

Divine Painting Z1

Hardware configuration comparison:

Extreme Z1 is also very powerful in hardware configuration: dual-core CPU equivalent DMIPS speed 5GHz dual MALI400GPU; 1G multi-channel memory; built-in 2GByteROM; built-in multiple high-performance DSP processors; standard 16G/32G TF card; video graphics dual channel Rendering, full-format hardware decoding. The powerful hardware can support direct playing of officeword, execl, PPT, PDF and other software, and can support 1080p video support.

The divine drawing Z1 uses a DLP solution. The bulb has a 260 lumen LED light source, which is basically enough for common usage scenarios. The fuselage uses a 2.0GHz quad-core CPU + eight-core GPU architecture, equipped with 2GB of operating memory and 8GB of memory, storage memory supports up to 128GB of storage expansion. In addition, the Z1 also has a built-in 8500mAh lithium battery that can play continuously for up to 120 minutes, and is still sufficient for general-length movies. The other is the god of painting Z1 depth custom Android 4.4 operating system, and supports 5G wifi and Bluetooth capabilities.

System, content comparison:

The Z1 built-in Android smart operating system integrates network playback resources such as Thunder, Youku, Fantastic Art, Tencent video, and fast broadcast, and supports Wi-Fi wireless network connection. As long as there is a wireless network at home, it can be directly connected to the aforementioned network media. , watch the video program.

God painting Z1 is based on the depth of customization of the Android system, so in the film source you can choose Youku, iQIYI, Thunder to see a number of App support, so basically do not have to worry about.

Projection picture quality performance, function comparison:

Z1's color reproduction is more in place, structured, gradient color transition is very natural, color saturation is quite awesome! Green display is very accurate. The red and green hair color is saturated, and the white area is slightly bluish. The GIMI Z1 can outperform traditional projectors of the same or higher levels in terms of projection brightness and sharpness. To say that the color effect is also very bright and full. The overall color is slightly cold, it seems that the white balance is somewhat blue.

Z1 meter support red and blue 3D video, this format is easy to popularize 3D, low cost, the disadvantage is that after wearing red and blue glasses to see the film, there will be dark colors and eye discomfort. In the Z1 system setup, there are 3D special settings to deal with different sources, in order to achieve the best 3D viewing effects.

The color of Divine Painting Z1 is very bright compared to the original image, and the color saturation is very high. For the human skin color and animal hair, the reduction is more real and natural. In the last test sample, the details of the shadows can also be restored without any loss. In the restoration of four-color maps, the performance of Divine Painting Z1 is also very good. In addition to the low brightness of color, the four-color reduction is more accurate and there is no large deviation.

Special feature:

Zimi Z1 new features: Wireless Internet mutual control new play, can be referred to as U control. It is the seamless integration of the wireless technology of the Z1 through the WIFI LAN environment and other Android, windows, IOS three major platforms of electronic devices. To put it more plainly, you can use a smart phone or tablet or computer to connect with the projector and control the projector. Through the operation of the smart terminal, it completely replaces the operation of the remote controller to realize the control of the projection.

Divine picture Z1 also supports wireless screen function. It is perfectly supported by both Android and iOS systems. With wireless screen, you can directly project pictures and videos from your mobile phone to the big screen and share happiness with friends through a big screen.

Warranty, service information comparison:

Polar meter Z1 warranty information:
Warranty Policy: Shop Three Guarantees Warranty Time: 1 year Warranty Remarks: 1 year warranty, 7 days return, 15 days new customer service phone call Remarks: Monday to Sunday: 9:00-24:00
Details: The after-sales service is provided by the brand manufacturer Mimi and enjoys the Three Guarantees service. With the warranty card and invoice, if there is a product quality problem or failure, you can check the nearest repair point and then solve it by the manufacturer's after-sales service; you can also rely on the quality inspection certificate provided by the maintenance center or the special service point of the manufacturer. From the date of purchase of the product, the product can be returned within 7 days and replaced within 15 days. More than 15 days and in the warranty period, you can enjoy free warranty and other three packs of service policy.

God painted Z1 warranty information:
Warranty Policy: Quanguolianbao, enjoy three packs of service Warranty time: 1 year warranty Remarks: 7 days return guarantee, 15 days replacement commitment, lifelong maintenance service Customer service phone call Remarks: 24 hours service Details: After-sales service by the brand manufacturer God The painting provides support for Quanguolianbao and enjoys the Three Guarantees Service. With the warranty card and invoice, if there is a product quality problem or failure, you can check the nearest repair point. The specific repair status is resolved by the salesman of the Shenhua manufacturer; or the quality inspection provided by the Shenhua manufacturer's repair center or special repair point can also be used. prove. From the date of purchase, the product can be returned within 7 days and replaced within 15 days. More than 15 days and in the warranty period, you can enjoy free warranty and other three packs of service policy.

to sum up:

In general, the Z1 meter and the Z1 have the same model. In terms of performance, the author feels that the Z1 has the upper hand. The Z1 divine painting has a better appearance, configuration, and other advantages than the Z1 pole meter. Of course, the Z1 meter also completely surpasses the divine painting Z1 in part of its performance. So, dear friends, what do you think is Z1, Z1, and Z1? Which is better?

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