Which thermal plastics are suitable for LED lamp housings? I will see it when I see it!

During the working process of the LED, the internal chip will generate a very large amount of heat per unit area. If the heat is not taken away in time, the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED lamp will be greatly affected. Data shows that the LED temperature is increased from 25 ° C to 100 ° C, the luminous efficiency will be attenuated by 20% ~ 75%, the higher the LED ambient temperature, the shorter the service life. Therefore, one of the functions of the LED lamp housing is to continuously derive and diffuse the heat generated by the chip during operation to ensure the normal service life of the LED lamp.

LED light aluminum housing

All the materials used in the LED lamp housing have been made of metal aluminum with high thermal conductivity. However, the aluminum casing has many disadvantages such as heavy weight, low design freedom, low processing efficiency, and serious environmental pollution.

In recent years, people began to study thermal conductive composite materials, and the thermal conductivity has also been continuously improved, and began to gradually replace aluminum in the field of LED lamps. Compared with the traditional shell material metal aluminum, the heat conductive plastic has many advantages, such as light weight, safety and environmental protection, good insulation performance, good formability and high design freedom. Therefore, the use of heat conductive plastic as the LED shell material has become one of the lighting industry. Great development trend.

LED light plastic case

The thermal conductivity of plastics is generally between 0.14 and 0.34, which is a dielectric insulating material. The company Coolpolymer developed thermal conductive plastics in 2000 and established the first industrial production line, and in the field of electrical and medical, aerospace, automotive, lighting, notebook computers. Widely used, and then plastics companies in various countries have developed thermal plastics. The following are the thermal conductivity and product grades of thermal plastics from foreign companies.

Table 1 Major manufacturers and grades of conductive plastics produced abroad

To replace the aluminum with plastic as the LED lamp housing, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the plastics to have higher heat dissipation performance, that is, higher thermal conductivity and high strength. This is because the lamp housing does not have heat-dissipating fins. In order to reduce the thermal resistance of the casing, a thin-walled casing is required. The selected plastic must have a high melting point, high modulus and high strength, and can withstand multiple high and low temperature cycle tests. The table below shows the main properties of engineering plastics for LED luminaires.

Table 2 Important properties of engineering plastics for LED lamps

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