Wi-Fi application solution without operating system: Nos-WiFi

Wi-Fi application solution without operating system: Nos-WiFi

As the most widely used technology in wireless local area network communication, WLAN has gradually extended from the PC / notebook market to audio and video, handheld terminals, wireless city coverage, industrial applications and other aspects of people's daily lives, bringing people's lives into a convenient The era of intelligent wireless.

At present, in wireless monitoring, industrial control, video transmission and other industry applications, embedded wireless systems mainly use a no operating system environment represented by the NORDIC solution, which consists of "CPU + wireless data transmission module" and can achieve short distances. Low-bandwidth wireless communication. However, due to the technical limitations of narrowband wireless communication, it can only achieve a maximum transmission rate of 2 Mbps, corresponding to the actual video transmission, which can only meet the application of less than 15 frames per second at 320 * 240 within 10 meters. With the market demand for larger screens, faster transmission rates, and smoother video effects, this solution will be far from meeting people's needs. System upgrade requires broadband wireless transmission equipment such as WLAN. The traditional upgrade method is to add Flash and SDRam under the original system architecture and run an embedded operating system to drive the WLAN module, which not only greatly increases the system cost, but also product development The difficulty increases and the cycle lengthens, which is not conducive to the introduction of new products.

The Nos-WiFi product (shown in Figure 1) launched by Beijing CLP Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huada Electronics, http: //) changed this situation. Huada Electronics has devoted itself to the research and development of Wi-Fi core chips and module products for many years. So far, it has successfully mass-produced three chips of the Airquick series (Airquick) that also support domestic (WAPI) / international (11i) security standards And on this basis, launched nearly ten WLAN module products, product applications covering notebooks, USB external wireless network cards, home audio and video, security monitoring, operator hot products, home gateways, industrial applications, intelligent transportation and other fields .

Figure 1: Nos-WIFi module real picture.

Nos-WiFi series module products are developed to meet the needs of wireless function upgrades of existing products in industrial applications, security monitoring and other fields. Its biggest feature is that it provides a driver software that is not based on any operating system. Can be integrated into any system platform to run, and achieve high-speed data transmission, making it possible to use Wi-Fi for video transmission without an operating system. Its driver software structure is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2: Driver software structure.

The location of this product integrated into the host system is shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3: The location of the driver in the host system.

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