Women do not love smart watches? This report will face Samsung executives

Apple Positions New Apple Watch 2 as a Sports and Health Tracker and Adds Waterproofing and GPS Antennas to It

A few days ago, the Apple Watch Series 2 went on sale. Although it did not occupy the headlines like the iPhone 7, it was still concerned by many sportsmen and fruit powder.

It is worth mentioning that the release of Apple's second-generation smart watch was arranged in front of the iPhone7. It can be seen that Apple attaches great importance to it, especially when the first-generation Apple Watch was almost shipped in the last quarter. The Apple Watch 2's significance to Apple's smart watches is self-evident.

Recently, the market consulting firm Slice Intelligence released a statistical report, which showed that the number of female users who purchased the Apple Watch Series 2 has significantly increased compared with the first generation Apple Watch. From September 9 to 12, about 74% of users who purchased Apple Watch Series 2 were males and 26% were females. Last year, about 20% of Apple Watch's first-generation subscriptions were from women and 80% were from men. This shows that compared to a generation of products, there are more female users who like second-generation watches , and the buying gap between men and women is decreasing.

When Samsung executives recently introduced new smart watches, it was said that smart watches were more popular with men. The main sales group of smart watches is men, women are not interested in such products.

However, this gap is narrowing. Market consulting firm NPD Connected Intelligence pointed out in a report that as of May this year, about 35% of American smart watch owners were women. You know, in January, this figure is still 29%.

The latest report also found that about one-third of Apple Watch Series 2 subscribers have purchased Apple Watch Series 1. It can be seen that Apple Watch users are quite satisfied with the quality of the product and have a high degree of loyalty to the brand.

In addition, the scheduled users of second-generation watches are showing a trend of youthfulness. In the first four days of launch, Millennials (born 1983-2000) accounted for 39% of the scheduled number, and the first generation of Apple Watch was 30%. Young people have become the main force in buying Apple Watch 2.

There is also some interesting information, such as:

In all Apple Watch 1 and 2 versions, the 42mm version is most popular with users;

Black models are best sold, whether they are woven nylon straps or sports straps;

Users who purchased Apple Watch 2 preferred sports straps, which accounted for 70% of sales.

Via fastcompany

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