Wu Changjiang’s “Death” Board of Directors may have “big moves” at the end of July.

The board of directors on the 25th is undoubtedly a big "frustration" for Wu Changjiang. On the morning of the 25th, NVC lighting board held a conference call. The matter was not as expected by the internal staff and dealers. "Wu’s wishing to return," the result was unexpected. According to an internal executive of the company, "there is no result, return. Blocked again."

"Starting another stove"
Wu Changjiang "losed away" yesterday's board of directors

According to industry insiders, although Wu Changjiang’s stake in NVC Lighting is 19.53%, it is still the largest shareholder. However, due to its “following the slash”, the company’s board of directors, Softbank Saifu investor and current chairman Hey, and the third shareholder representative Schneider stood in the same position.

"It should be said that Yan and Schneider have already seen Wu Changjiang's cards. Therefore, the return of Wu Changjiang, the board of directors yesterday (July 25), was frustrated." The above-mentioned person said, "He and Schneider want to see if the company can stop working." Whether it persists and the threat of the dealer's 'starting another stove' to create a new brand, when it is not costly to see such a result, Wu Changjiang's re-entry into the board is very normal."

At present, the shutdown status of NVC staff has basically ended. "Everyone's anger has already burned out, and the company has begun to be disheartened. Some employees have returned to the company to go to work, but in fact, there is nothing to do, just go online." People say that.

In addition, the choice of operators to join forces before the board of directors yesterday to create a new brand to "force the palace" has also become an important reason for Wu Changjiang's return.

Insiders told reporters that just when everyone thought that this was a "good card", Wu Changjiang was actually sent to the board of directors. "The new brand is not good for Wu Changjiang at this time, but he did not expect this."

According to the rules of the listed company, if Wu Changjiang goes to the new brand, it will violate the relevant rules. In addition, his main net worth is in NVC. If the dealer supplier establishes a new brand, Wu Changjiang’s share or voice in the new brand is not More, this is not the result that Wu wants to see. "When Wu Changjiang's 'Bottom Card' is exposed, it will defeat the board of directors yesterday."

Representing employee stocks

At the end of July, there may be "larger action"

"The longer the time drags, the more unfavorable it is to Wu Changjiang. This time his pressure will be unprecedented." Insiders of NVC Lighting revealed that he and Schneider, in addition to seeing Wu’s "card", "have mastered Wu Zai." Errors in the stock market and its share structure."

It is understood that in the week after July 12, NVC Lighting has a situation in which employees and dealers "sponsored" Wu Changjiang together, and the main reason is that before NVC went public, Wu Changjiang once let employees, dealers, etc. In his own account, he purchased NVC-listed shares in Hong Kong at the issue price, involving more than 300 employees, amounting to 44.55 million yuan.

According to industry insiders, NVC employees purchased the shares in three batches, and two batches have all been withdrawn, but there are still a third batch of dozens of people who have not yet withdrawn. “Wu Changjiang promised to refund the relevant funds.”

The interests of employees and dealers are tied to Wu Changjiang, which makes Wu Changjiang's "popularity" much higher than that of Schneider and Schneider, but the latter two have been quietly braking, not only to understand Wu's involvement in the stock market, but also It is clear that Wu’s stock is already mortgaged, which gives him and Schneider a greater say.

The reporter learned that the new brand of NVC dealers and suppliers will hold a mobilization meeting in Zhongshan on the 27th. "But this incident will not allow Schneider to compromise with him. It will only speed up the cooperation between the two. He is originally a very strong person. If he compromises with Wu, he will make him even more discourse in NVC." Right," said the industry.

“The next watershed will be at the end of this month.” Insiders said that the dealers had a meeting with the new brand of suppliers on the 27th. “If the internal staff of NVC is dug up, there will be a big movement, then Schneider will fully launch the enterprise. Management, this is a challenge for NVC internal staff."

The above-mentioned insiders told reporters, "It will become more and more clear that NVC will continue to operate normally next Monday. Before the board of directors gives answers to employees and supplier dealers on August 1, there will be a big move."

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