Zhouming Technology returned 32 million yuan of idle funds raised to supplement liquidity funds

On July 25, Zhou Ming Technology issued an announcement on the return of raised funds. On February 17, 2012, the Board of Directors of Chau Ming Technology agreed that the company will use the idle raised funds of RMB 32 million to temporarily replenish the working capital. The use period will not exceed six months from the date of approval by the board of directors, and the maturity will be returned to the special fundraising account.

On July 24, Zhouming Technology returned all of the RMB 32 million to the special fundraising account opened by the company. At this point, Zhouming Technology has used the idle raised funds of 32 million yuan to temporarily replenish the working capital and has once returned it.

PZDK series of automatic constant current charge and discharge equipments are specially designed for the battery charging and discharging applied in railway. They are used for the maintenance and capacity verification of storage battery used in locomotive, railway vehicle and generator car, which can improve the service life of the battery and ensure the safe running of locomotives and Other railway vehicles.

The main control unit of the equipment is PLC and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is 7" LCD colorful touch screen. The equipment has varieties of operating modes, and can automatically record and save working status.

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